New Multi-Instance in QuickBooks 2011

The Multi-Instance feature will save you time and improve your efficiency by allowing you to have two instances of QuickBooks open at the same time. This means you can have two different company files open at once! Now when you are working in a QuickBooks file and need to open another file to check on something for a client, you can open the second file without closing the first. Perhaps you are working with two related companies; now you can actually copy and paste information from one file into the other since they are both open. Maybe the client data file is too large so you create a new data file. Now you can work in the new file but have the old file open to refer to as needed.

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Changes from Intuit for QuickBooks Products for 2011

There have been some changes this year in the QuickBooks Products.  Here’s a quick update on some of the more significant changes:

1. QuickBooks Pro 2011 is now up to a maximum of 3 users (vs. a maximum of 5 users in the past).  It is possible to have 3 users of QB Pro and 2 users of QB Premier to get 5 users.  However, only the users on QB Premier would have access to the Premier features but this would allow you to have 5 users without buying all Premier licenses.

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$8,000 Give-away of QuickBooks & a ProAdvisor membership

I’m pleased to announce that I will give away over $8,000 of QuickBooks products and a ProAdvisor membership by the end of the year!  Plus, three of my QuickBooks friends will be giving away products too!  Make sure to subscribe to my website (via email or RSS feed) so you receive the updates and notices about how to enter to win!  I’m giving away the following (separately):

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Intuit Outage & Alternatives

Evidently, there was a massive outage at an Intuit Data Center and many Intuit websites and applications are down.  The official word is “Intuit continues  working to restore full service to a number of websites and applications, including QuickBase, that became unavailable at about 7pm Tuesday, Pacific time.  Our first priority is to give customers full and complete access to our services and their data as soon as possible.  We are also investigating the cause of the problem and will take measures to prevent a recurrence.  We appreciate our customers’ patience.”

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