Easing Payroll’s Burden

This article in WebCPA discusses how accountants (and accounting firms) can profit from providing payroll services. Alexandra DeFelice (Associate Editor of Accounting Technology) sat in on one of Michelle Long’s presentations at Intuit’s Accounting Professionals Users conference on the topic of effectively advising clients about payroll, Michelle L. Long, a CPA and owner of Missouri-based Long for Success (formerly M. Long Consulting), outlined some of the areas for potential mistakes along the payroll process. There is a sample analysis provided which includes some of the factors to consider when determining if providing payroll services can be profitable for your firm.

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Financial Services Champion of the Year

Michelle Long at the SBA Display

Michelle Long was named the Financial Services Champion of the Year by the SBA and this article discusses the award and her ‘story’. It provides information about how Michelle has grown her business over the years to now focus on QuickBooks Consulting and training and helping entrepreneurs develop business plans and grow their business. Details of Michelle’s background and teaching and training experience, work in public accounting and more is mentioned.

Lee’s Summit Journal – SBA Award

Study all Possible Rivals in Business Competition

Michelle Long was interviewed for Investor’s Business Daily about small business owners or entrepreneurs can conduct a competitive analysis. Long mentioned how entrepreneurs and small business owners need to do a thorough analysis of the competitors — both direct and indirect competitors. Long talks about how small business owners need to differentiate their product or service and determine upcoming trends.

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