Billing Methods, Policies, Procedures and Write offs for Accountants & Bookkeepers from Intuit’s Average Billing Rates Survey

How do your billing policies and procedures compare with other accountants and bookkeepers?  Should you implement changes to help improve your firm’s efficiency and operations?  Let’s examine more results from Intuit’s Billing Rate Survey. Billing Methods by Service As noted…

A Deep Dive into the New Intuit Rate Survey for Accounting Professionals — Includes Results for Canada, UK and Australia

Billing rates are important whether you are just starting your own CPA, accounting or bookkeeping firm or have been in business for years.  If your rates are too low, then you’re leaving money on the table and it can be…

Want to start, grow, or accelerate your accounting or QuickBooks practice in 2013?

If you are looking to start, grow, or accelerate your QuickBooks accounting practice in 2013, I’m excited to let you know about a program that’s generating quite a buzz. It’s especially for QuickBooks ProAdvisors, ISPs, EAs, CPAs, and bookkeepers who…

Accounting vCon – Accelerate Your Success – Save over 50% if Register by Aug.31

Accounting Virtual Conference — The vCon is right for those of you who are looking for fresh ideas to grow your accounting business, practical sessions to update your accounting software skills, and fun ways to connect with peers, all on a shoestring budget (and that doesn’t take you too far from home).

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