QuickBooks Tip: Daily Sales Summary for Retailers, Restaurants, eCommerce and more

Many small businesses do not record every sale for each customer.  They may not use a point of sale system, instead they may use a cash register, a specialized program (like for medical offices) or another method to record sales.  These businesses need to record a summary of sales in QuickBooks.  They want to know ‘How can I record daily sales’ in QuickBooks? Read more

FREE QuickBooks 2012 Contest — Will You Win?

As I announced a few days ago, I am excited that Intuit has generously donated nearly $8,300 worth of FREE QuickBooks 2012 products and services for me to give away! There will be 12 lucky winners of QuickBooks 2012 products or services in this contest / giveaway.   Wow, how exciting is that? Take a look at what you could win: Read more

Learn What’s New in QuickBooks 2012

Welcome QuickBooks 2012 — there are some really great new features this year for QuickBooks users and accounting professionals! I am honored and excited to be one of the trainers again this year for Intuit Academy to help you Learn What’s New in 2012.  I hope you will join us to learn what’s new and see the new time saving features for you and your clients. Read more

ALERT – QuickBooks ProAdvisors – Incorrect Product Codes for 2012

If you are a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, please read this blog post regarding the product codes for QuickBooks Accountant 2012 and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Accountant 12.0 programs.  Please help share this and spread the word to other ProAdvisors too.  There is some initial confusion and incorrect product codes.  Read more

QuickBooks Accountant 2012 – Create a Period Copy

Do you need a QuickBooks file with just a certain year of data?  Did the IRS request your QuickBooks file for an audit? Do you need a specific period copy of the QuickBooks file for legal or other purposes? Is the file too large or approaching list limits in QuickBooks Pro or Premier? Previously these situations required using third party programs or paying someone to create a new QuickBooks file.  Now, QuickBooks Accountant 2012 and QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant 12.0 allow you to create a Period Copy for a specific date range. Read more