Social Networking: It’s Twitter Time!

WebCPA article about how CPAs and accounting professionals are tweeting and embracing Twitter. Mentioned in the article: “Michelle Long, a CPA and QuickBooks consultant in Lee’s Summit, Mo., said that though she hasn’t gained any clients yet from using Twitter, it’s been a useful way to put out helpful and relevant information. She also uses it to direct traffic to her blog or to promote a Webinar. “I don’t want to use it as ‘I went to lunch’ or ‘I had coffee today’,” she said, revealing that she had close to 900 followers. “It’s all part of building your reputation or image as an expert and a resource to turn to. More and more CPAs are starting to embrace social media, as well as clients. I think it’s a supplement to your other marketing methods.”

Social Networking: It’s Twitter Time

Remote Access

I think remote access is GREAT! I installed Logmein (the free version) on the computer in my office. When I was on a ski trip and needed something, I could log into my computer to access it. As long as the computer is turned on, I could access anything on it as if I were sitting right in front of it! So, if you want to access QuickBooks from home (or Outlook or anything), just leave the computer turned on and you can get to it.

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