Final Weeks–Will You Win QuickBooks Enterprise? A ProAdvisor Membership? QuickBooks Accountant or Premier 2012?

We are in the final weeks of the QuickBooks 2012 contest.  As a reminder, Intuit generously donated nearly $8,300 worth of FREE QuickBooks 2012 products and services for me to give away!  Eight people have already won but there are still four prizes to give away worth almost $4,700! Read more

Intuit Service Outage Continues to affect Merchant Services, Email and other Online Services

Unfortunately Intuit “executed a planned maintenance over the weekend and ran into some issues.”  Monday the servers were experiencing outages or delays in processing and users are reporting problems this morning (Tuesday) too.  Affected services appear to include Merchant Services (processing credit cards), QuickBooks Online (slow or offline), emailing invoices,estimates. etc.  from QuickBooks and possibly other online services.  Check Intuit’s Facebook page for updates. Read more

Deadline is November 15 for Discount Pricing to Grow Your Business for Accountants, CPAs, Bookkeepers, QuickBooks ProAdvisors and more

Do you want to grow your accounting, QuickBooks, tax, or IT consulting business, but feel like your marketing skills are holding you back?  Do you feel like there is no time to take on more clients, but you’d still like to earn more than you currently earn?  Is your business not as full as you’d like it to be? Read more

QuickBooks Tip: Fixing Reconciliation Beginning Balance or Date

Many times I hear QuickBooks users say the beginning balance in the bank reconciliation window is wrong and they do not know how to fix it.  If a transaction has been voided, deleted and re-entered or otherwise un-reconciled, it will affect the beginning balance in the reconciliation window.  You should never just mark transactions as cleared in the register, since they will still show in the reconciliation window.  To clear and reconcile them and fix the beginning balance in the reconciliation window (and re set the date if needed), it is necessary to reconcile the account again. Read more

For Accountants, QuickBooks ProAdvisors, CPAs, EAs, and Bookkeepers who want to Grow their Practice

If I were to ask you how you would rate your selling and marketing skills on a scale of 1 to 10, what would you say? If you’re like most of us, the economy has made our weaknesses in this area glaringly obvious over the last few years. Just about everyone I know needs more clients these days. Read more

Want to Win QuickBooks Premier 2012 or QB Enterprise? Just Subscribe, Click to Share & Post to Enter

It’s time to announce the seventh Weekly Winner of QuickBooks Premier 2012 (three more weeks to go)!  As a reminder, Intuit has generously donated nearly $8,300 worth of FREE QuickBooks 2012 products and services for me to give away! There will be 12 lucky winners of FREE QuickBooks 2012 products or services in this contest / giveaway. Read more