Want a sneak peek into Accountant’s Accelerator 2014 (and complimentary CPE)?

Want a sneak peek into Accountant’s Accelerator 2014 (and complimentary CPE)?

If you are looking for an edge that will help you grow your accounting practice, there truly is nothing else in the accounting industry like my partner Sandi Smith Leyva’s Accountant’s Accelerator program.  If you have heard of it but haven’t checked it out, I’d like to invite you to a complimentary, no-strings webinar she is hosting:  “Accountant’s Accelerator 2014 Sneak Peek.”  

This webinar will help you discover a program that’s full of easy-to-implement, low-cost ways to increase your profits, serve more clients, and work fewer hours in your accounting or QuickBooks consulting practice.   I hope you’ll join Sandi to discover:

  • What most accounting practices are doing wrong when it comes to marketing that is costing them big bucks
  • The 3 skills you’ll need to take your accounting business to the next level, whether that means more growth, increasing your business’s market value, or making changes to suit your lifestyle
  • 5 ways accounting professionals are leaving easy money on the table
  • How to get more accountability, direction and clarity when it comes to making smart business decisions
  • What’s covered in the all-new 2014 program 

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The yearlong, highly affordable Accountant’s Accelerator is now in its fourth year, and each year it’s not only chock full of new business ideas that are specifically tailored for small, including solo, accounting and QuickBooks consulting practices, it’s also tailored to meet the needs that Accelerator alumni have told us they want more of.  It’s all about taking your practice to the next level so you can earn what you’re worth, live your dream, and help more clients by using your unique set of skills.

 “Accountant’s Accelerator 2014 Sneak Peek”

with Sandi Smith Leyva, CPA, Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, and entrepreneur

Tuesday, July 30, 2013 9AM PT, 10AM MT, 11AM CT, Noon ET

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P.S. Feel free to invite a colleague or friend to this webinar, but reserve your spot first