Great Sale on QuickBooks Pro 2012 – Remember QuickBooks 2009 to Sunset in May

Great Sale on QuickBooks Pro 2012 – Remember QuickBooks 2009 to Sunset in May

There are some GREAT sales on QuickBooks 2012 right now.  Plus, if you or your clients are using QuickBooks 2009, it will be sunset on May 31, 2012 which means many online services will no longer work.  Read below more for details about the service discontinuation or sunsetting of QuickBooks 2009 and details on sales for QuickBooks 2012.

Great Prices on QuickBooks Pro 2012

Amazon — QuickBooks Pro 2012 is on sale for $99.99 on Amazon right now and that is a GREAT price.  I’m not sure how long that price will last — sometimes they are for one day only.  Click here to go to Amazon to buy it at that price or here is another listing for about $137 which isn’t too bad either.  The retail price of QuickBooks Pro 2012 is $229.99 and it is usually on sale for about $180.

Coscto — QuickBooks Pro 2012 and QuickBooks for Mac 2012 are on sale for $99.99 with a $75 off coupon until February 26, 2012.  QuickBooks Premier 2012 is on sale for about $205 with the $75 off coupon too.  Click here to see the sale prices at Costco.

QuickBooks 2009 Service Discontinuation or Sunset

On May 31, 2012, QuickBooks 2009 will be sunset according to QuickBooks Service Discontinuation Policy.  This means Quickbooks 2009 will no longer be supported and the following features will no longer work:

  • QuickBooks Payroll services
  • Online Banking
  • QuickBooks Email
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Bill Pay
  • Billing Solutions
  • Third-party products
  • Live technical support
  • Online Backup

According to the Service Discontinuation Policy (i.e. Sunset policy), ” If you don’t make use of live technical support or any of our add-on services, and are happy with your current version of QuickBooks, you can continue to use it.”  However, there have been a lot of new features and enhancements since 2009 so I would recommend upgrading to 2012.  Especially if you can get it at a great price as mentioned above.

9 thoughts on “Great Sale on QuickBooks Pro 2012 – Remember QuickBooks 2009 to Sunset in May

  1. Dan Trznadel

    My client is using Quickbooks Pro 2009. I am using 2011.

    Shouldn’t I be able to open the 2009 file using my 2011?

    I get a message that “This company file needs to be updated.” That’s what I’m trying to do by opening it in 2011.

    How do I update the company file?

    1. Michelle Long Post author

      When you open it in 2011 it will ask if you want to update the file — you click ok. Once you update it to 2011 you can’t open it in 2009 anymore.

  2. Mike

    Amazon has QB Pro 2013 for $175. I assume the 2013 version also has the capability of creating a new file with only updated data from the last year – thus deleting old lists and freeing-up precious list space. Also, can I select how many years of past data I want in that new file? My customers sometimes want a multi year history of transactions. Thanks for your feedback…

    1. Michelle Long Post author

      Mike — yes you can use the new, improved Condense Feature (new in 2012) to condense the file. It will summarize old data (based on a date you provide) and clean up lists if you want. You can keep a backup of the old file to refer to if and when needed.

  3. Carol Buckley

    Several months ago, I purchased QuickBooks Accountant 2011. One of my clients is using QuickBooks Pro 2009 and will need to upgrade by the end of May. If he purchases 2012, can I still manage his account through my Accountant 2011 without any problems.

    Thank You
    Carol Buckley

  4. Diane Offutt

    Thank you Michelle. I will share this info with clients still on 2009, along with facebook.

    Great information.

    Diane Offutt, Enrolled Agent, MAcc
    Accounting Connections, LLC
    Woodstock, GA 30189