CLEARIFY® Releases QQUBE™ Version 5.5 — GREAT Reporting tool for QuickBooks

CLEARIFY® Releases QQUBE™ Version 5.5 — GREAT Reporting tool for QuickBooks

QQube™ allows you to create reports and analysis in minutes — not hours or days from QuickBooks data.  There’s no need to understand table schemas, relationships, or mapping documents.  QQube™ now adds the following items:  

  • Multi-Currency
  • Canada QuickBooks support
  • UK QuickBooks support  
  • Trial Balance by Class:  Previous Balance, Current Activity, Current Balance; compare periods side by side
  • Statement of Cash Flow By Class: compare periods side by side
  • Enhanced UofM reporting capabilities:  view both the printed quantity and base UofM quantity
  • Improved Serial/Lot Number capabilities
  • Additional WIP capabilities for Job Costing using Price Levels and Billing Rates
  • Excel Add-In improvements for financial statements, including period labeling, and auto-formatting.  Better out of the box Excel experience
  • Over 100 new fields added

Additionally, two new products that interface with QQube are now available:   Pre-Configured Tableau Shells, and Pre-configured SQL Server Multi-Dimensional Cubes for SQL Server Analytic Services. 

Those who use the popular Tableau Visual Analytics ( will be able to create stunning graphics right out of the box, without having to spend a second on linking the various QQube pieces together.

The SQL Server product will allow IT staff to make available any QB data for SharePoint, remote login, Reporting Services, PowerView, PowerPivot, etc.  The Multi-Dimensional OLAP Cubes are complete with hundreds of measures, and thousands of ways to filter/group those measures.  IT staff is traditionally at a dis-advantage when it comes to the QuickBooks/Accounting knowledge – but this QQube Add-In puts the power in their hands; and allows them to take advantage of the powerful Microsoft BI tool sets.

“We have reached the point to where we have included anything imaginable in our QQube data warehouse, and have certainly pushed the boundaries of the various data extraction processes Intuit makes available – whether it is the SDK, or the Enterprise Custom Reporting avenue;  and in many cases it requires a combination of the two.”, founder Chuck Vigeant M.Ed. said.

“The fact that we have the most complete data set in the Intuit Community is certainly satisfying, but it also can overwhelm a user because of the breadth of options available.   Our new challenge is to make it easier for others to take advantage of all the great features we have put into the tool since its inception – including things like General Ledger Linked Transactions, or Inventory Sales and Forecast capabilities, etc.”

“We made a baby step with the Excel Add-In improvements, a bigger step with the Tableau Shells, and a different kind of step with SQL Server.  SQL Server will empower IT staff to plug in QB data anywhere in their organization without having to spend weeks/months on figuring out how QB works – or how it makes available its data; staff spends time creating solutions – not reverse engineering.”

“Feature wise, the Trial Balance by Class has been a request for years, as was the desire to create side by side comparison of statement of cash flows – by class.  And of course our Canadian and UK friends finally have an answer to their constant question: ‘When?’”

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