FREE Webinar Wednesdays with Michelle Long and Chuck Vigeant

FREE Webinar Wednesdays with Michelle Long and Chuck Vigeant

Starting May 1st  Michelle Long, MBA, CPA and Chuck Vigeant M.Ed. will bring you weekly webinars of 90 minutes to explore advanced features in Excel (Week 1 and 2) and provide deeper knowledge of the information that QQube provides in the area of Job Costing, Inventory Management, and Financial Analysis (weeks 3 thru 5).

All webinars are free, start at 11:00 am central time and will be recorded.  Space will be limited to accommodate questions and answers within the planned 90 minute time slot.

NOTE:  If you cannot attend the live webinar, register anyway so you receive the email with the link to the recording.  You will not prevent someone else from attending the live webinar.

May 1stBasic Excel PowerPivot

Excel PowerPivot takes Business Analytics to the next level.  Available as a free download for Excel 2010 users, and part of the 2013/365 Microsoft Office Professional Plus Suite, it gives the user complete control to not only create simple analysis, but provides the ability to add information from multiple sources, create your own Key Performance Indicators (KPI), devise multiple graphical representations of your data, and calculations that are not even possible with the regular pivot table feature.

For those of you who have been wrestling with VLOOKUPS, spreadsheet nightmares that compromise multiple pieces of disparate information, and ‘slow to a crawl speed’ when dealing with larger data sets, you finally have better tools at your disposal, as Microsoft finally got this one right.   Users of this technology will find themselves well ahead of the curve – with tools that heretofore required you to purchase separately from third party vendors – without this full functionality.

What you will learn:

  • Difference between PowerPivot and the old style pivot table models
  • Creating a simple data model
  • Pre-formatting your raw data
  • Using PowerPivot to create your analysis
  • Subtotals and Totals
  • Sorting and filtering
  • Drill Down Functions
  • Using Slicers
  • Creating your own KPI’s


May 8thAdvanced Excel PowerPivot

The Basic PowerPivot table webinar touched the surface.  In this webinar we will show you how to create advanced analysis and how to control your graphics and data with a single filter – e.g. dashboards.  We will show you how to create special calculations to get almost any analysis you want.

What you will learn:

  • Brief review of data model
  • Brief review of KPI creation
  • Creating a new field in your data model to create a slicer ‘cascade effect’ – or ‘what do I do with a slicer when I have 10,000 items in my list?’
  • Creating new measures (calculated columns)
  • Creating a report that contains a graph with accompanying data – that are controlled by one slicer, or multiple slicers.
  • Learning how to create % of totals, running totals.
  • Focus on specific key calculation formulas.  CALCULATE,  DISTINCT COUNT
  • Specific examples: Avg Dollar per sale, % year over year, last purchased date, filtered calculations. And more as time permits.


May 15thJob Cost with QQube™

QQube is the penultimate tool for analyzing job cost data, with the ability to combine 5 reports into one report, just by dragging and dropping a handful of fields using the Excel Add-In.  There is complete information from estimated income/costs, actual costs, open committed costs, revenue, received and unapplied revenue, open costs, payroll and time tracking hours, WIP and much, much more.

What you will learn:

  • Creating the all in one report
  • How to deal with separating materials, labor, equipment and other costs; the easy way and the hard way.
  • Over Under
  • Cost to Complete
  • Bonded Reports
  • Labor Analysis
  • Using custom fields for managers, supervisors, etc.
  • How QB handles the following areas:
    • Payroll and Time Tracking
    • Invoicing and Vendor Bills


May 22ndInventory Management with QQube™

Inventory Management is one of the more difficult issues to deal with as it not only requires knowing what is on hand, on SO/PO but it depends upon a variety of ways of reading historical sales/consumption to forecast what it is that you need to order.  QQube has the unique ability to combine historical sales/consumption and forecast information into the same report or analysis.  What we want to teach you is how to create those, without needing a rocket science degree – or mounds of spreadsheets – to create.

What you will learn:

  • How QQube organizes the data
  • On hand with SO/PO/Pending Assemblies and resulting detail
  • Creating historical sales models (we will use PowerPivot for this item)
  • Consumption vs Sales
  • How QQube handles open SO Assemblies
  • Advanced Inventory – Sites, Lot/Serial Numbers
  • Using the Bill of Materials subject in QQube
    • BOM Explosion
    • Determining the number of items needed in an assembly


May 29thAdvanced Financial Analysis with QQube™

QQube excels in the creation of financial statements with multiple QB files – some with dozens of QB files – but there are features in QQube that are not found in QuickBooks, and other features that are not found in any accounting package – regardless of size.

What you will learn:

  • Profit and Loss – Balance Sheet
    • Simple Pivot Table
    • Creating your own account groups
    • %
    • Summary vs Detail
  • Handling EBITDA
  • Creating Actual, Budget, Forecast in the same Profit and Loss statement
  • Trial Balance Activity and month to month comparison
  • Statement of Cash Flows – and month to month comparison
  • 52/53 Year Profit and Loss
  • Cash Activity using General Ledger Detail
  • QQube enhanced General Ledger with Linked Transactions



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  1. Nancy Faris

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    1. Michelle Long Post author

      The recording is found here:

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    Ooops, I didn’t respond quickly enough to register for the webinars previous to today (5/5/13). Is there any way I can get the link for the 5/1 Basic Excel PowerPivot webinar? Sorry to be so much trouble.

  3. Ana

    Thanks for these free informative webinars. I can not attend the live event but I would like to get hold of the recordings.

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      @Ana – go ahead and register for the webinars so you get the email with the link to the recording after the live webinar.

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    Thank you guys so much for providing such helpful information.

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    Please let me know what I should do to have access to the recorded webinars, the subject matter for which I am VERY interested.

    Thank you.

    1. Michelle Long Post author

      If you cannot attend, go ahead and register so you will get the email with the link to the recording after the live webinar. The number of people who can attend live is limited, so if you can’t attend you won’t be preventing someone else from attending live. Thanks for being considerate of others. 🙂