CLEARIFY announces the release of QQube Version 4 and unveils new community

CLEARIFY announces the release of QQube Version 4 and unveils new community

CLEARIFY announces the release of version 4 of QQube — the incredible reporting tool and recipient of 2012 Awesome Add-Ons by The Sleeter Group.  Plus,  CLEARIFY unveils is “new community as a central place to get help, ask questions, get answers, and interact with QQube Users and Solution Providers.”

QQube — Release 4

As the world’s largest provider of custom reporting solutions and tools for QuickBooks Premiere and Enterprise users, CLEARIFY® continues to push the envelope by creating technology that has only been heretofore available in Fortune 1000 companies – at a fraction of the price.”   Release 4 is a major release with added functionality in the following areas:

  • Inventory enhancements
  • Additional financial reporting capabilities
  • New fields for existing subjects
  • New LOOKUP subjects
  • Advanced calendar features
  • Improved diagnostic tools and underlying functionality
  • Better support for Terminal Services
  • More report examples
  • Overhauled documentation and self-help materials

Click here to read about the complete details of the version 4 features.  Read the Press release here.

CLEARIFY Community

CLEARIFY unveiled its new community “with over 300 Wikis, Articles and Blogs, files – on topics that not only include QQube centric information, but which show users how to create pivot tables, crystal reports – and even understand how QuickBooks data works.”  It is a ‘Facebook’ like community, easy to navigate and a wealth of information.

“The community allows you to browse content, find and add friends, participate in discussions – with each other – using html tools to include pictures and video content, and contribute examples and files that may help the community at large. There is even a live IM service – talk in real time! ”

Read the full announcement here.