FREE QuickBooks 2012 Contest — Will You Win?

FREE QuickBooks 2012 Contest — Will You Win?

As I announced a few days ago, I am excited that Intuit has generously donated nearly $8,300 worth of FREE QuickBooks 2012 products and services for me to give away! There will be 12 lucky winners of QuickBooks 2012 products or services in this contest / giveaway.   Wow, how exciting is that? Take a look at what you could win:

How Do I Win?

There are a few ways you could win QuickBooks 2012 for free without searching for a sale, discount codes, coupons or special deal.  There is no purchase required and I promise your email will not be sold, shared or given to anyone (unless you win the ProAdvisor membership–then I will need to give it to Intuit for you to receive the prize). To be eligible to win, you must first subscribe to this blog via email.  NOTE:  RSS subscriptions are not valid entries for the contest.

  • Enter Email to Subscribe:

    E-mail addresses are kept confidential.

Here’s how you enter this contest to win QuickBooks 2012:

  • Weekly Winners (10 Winners) — There will be 10 lucky Wednesday Winners announced weekly beginning September 28 through November 30, 2011. The Wednesday Winners will win either QuickBooks Accountant 2012 or QuickBooks Premier 2012. There will be weekly blog posts and two ways to enter to be a weekly winner:
    • Subscribe — Some weeks you can win just by being a subscriber.
    • Subscribe + Comment — Some weeks you will need to be a subscriber and comment on the weekly post to be entered in that weekly drawing.  These blog posts will indicate that you need to comment to enter.  They will be topics where your comments will be valuable to others as well.  Topics will include QuickBooks, Technology, Marketing, Practice Management, etc.  This is valuable to everyone to be able to share and read the comments, advice, tips, tricks, suggestions and more from your peers.  HINT:  This usually has better odds of winning.  Some of the great posts from last year included:
  1. Radio Free QuickBooks — Listen to their show and enter to be a Wednesday Winner in their contest.  Note: their dates and terms for the contest vary somewhat so checkout the details on their website.
  • ProAdvisor Membership + Payroll  — One lucky person will win a one-year ProAdvisor membership plus payroll.  To enter this drawing:
  • Subscribe + Survey — Subscribe and complete the survey (link to the survey will be provided soon) by November 30, 2011 to enter this drawing.  Note:  The survey will be of interest to ProAdvisors and accounting professionals and include topics about billing rates and practices, services provided and more.  Results will be shared in future blog posts.
  • QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions (5 User) — One lucky person will win this prize valued at $3,000.
  • Subscribe + Share — Subscribe and share this contest with others on your blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.  If your name is randomly selected as the tentative winner, you will need to provide evidence to confirm that you shared the contest (i.e. a link, screen shot, etc.) of it on your blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or other Social Media site.  I will not be tracking it and will ask you for evidence if your name is selected.  Share often between now and November 30 to enter this drawing.

Note:  All winners will be selected using a Random Number Generator.  Please do not try begging, pleading, schmoozing, etc.  — it won’t help you win.  Complete rules here.

 Other Contests to win QuickBooks 2012

Intuit has donated QuickBooks 2012 to several other people too so check out their contests/ give-away too.  Check out:

Thank you Intuit for generously donating thousands of dollars of QuickBooks products and services to us to give away for FREE!


13 thoughts on “FREE QuickBooks 2012 Contest — Will You Win?

  1. Carri

    I’d love to win this contest! I’m not sure if I’m subscribed. I entered my email and didn’t receive a confirmation email. Was I added? The email tips looks really useful.

  2. Boris

    Hello Michelle,

    Thank you for your generous offering on your blog to win QuickBooks. I am interested to form small bookkeeping services to potential deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing clients as well. I attend to take bookkeeping courses since April of this year till December of this year; however, I would like to have a professional mentor. Therefore, I would like to be successful in this field. Again, thank you for all your helpful resources on your blog.

  3. Deborah, Leonard, MI

    I’ve been following you for awhile now and am very excited to enter your Free QuickBooks 2012 Contest! Thanks for all your helpful suggestions, Michelle!

  4. Robin

    Hi Michelle,
    How do we enter to win the year pro advisor membership with payroll if we are already subscribed? Where do we get the survey?

    1. Michelle Long Post author

      Hi Robin! I’m working on the survey and plan to post it next week. I wanted to go ahead and get the contest started — I was too excited to wait! Watch the blog posts and you’ll see when I post the link for the survey.

  5. Coral

    Hi Michelle,

    Been getting your emails for a couple of months now & I love it!! So much info.

    Thanks, Coral

  6. Stacey Orndoff

    Hi Michelle,
    I get an error code when I enter my email address to subscribe. If I’m already getting your emails does that mean I’m already signed up for this contest?

    Thanks Stacey

  7. Kendra

    I would really like to win this as I want to start up a small bookkeeping business in the next year. Also, what a great blog this is with great tips and ideas. I am glad I was able to find this through linked-in.