Add more profits to your practice in 2014, plus give yourself a raise!

Add more profits to your practice in 2014, plus give yourself a raise!

This is a great time of year to reassess, rethink, and refocus your business.  If you want to add more profits to your business in 2014 and are not sure how you are going to do it, then I want to let you know of a program that is only available for the next few weeks, then it disappears forever.  

The 2014 Accountant’s Accelerator program, run by my business partner Sandi Smith Leyva, CPA, has helped fellow accountants add more profits to their practice while working less and serving clients better.   I know it sounds hard to believe, but here are just a few of her testimonials:

  •  “Joining AA is one of tAccountant's Accelerator - grow your business and make more moneyhe best business decisions I’ve made, since starting my practice.” Silvia Evans
  • “This has been an incredible journey for me.” Rhonda Rosand, CPA
  • “Words cannot describe the success rate in just a couple of months.” Hubert McIntosh EA
  • “If it were not for the vCon and AA, I would not have my business.” Jacqueline Dailey, CPB, RTRP

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The skills you learn in the program can help you fast-track your way to increased success in 2014.  Sandi’s highly affordable program, Accountant’s Accelerator, helps you:

  • Learn fresh ideas your clients value
  • Achieve results for both your and your clients
  • Build your confidence so you can gain your clients’ respect and earn higher fees

Hundreds of accountants have benefited from the program, and you can too, but only if you act fast.  Sandi is closing the 2014 program to new members on January 15, 2014, and she tells me there will NOT be an Accountant’s Accelerator 2015.

For all new clients who sign up for the program, Sandi’s throwing in a BONUS 3-hour webinar called “Give Yourself a Raise: Pricing Your Accounting Services,” all about pricing, as an added incentive.

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P.S.  I thought you might like to have the choice of incurring this expense in 2013 or 2014, so you can get the maximum  tax benefit:

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