Special Deal and Exclusive Offer for QuickBooks Consultants and Accounting Professionals

Special Deal and Exclusive Offer for QuickBooks Consultants and Accounting Professionals

I always like to find a good deal and save money.  Below are some great resources that can help you grow your business and improve profitability at special prices through October 31 — The Sleeter Group’s Consultant’s Reference Guide and Gita Faust’s Manage Properties with QuickBooks books.

Save up to 50% on the 2011 QuickBooks Consultant’s Reference Guide AND receive the 2012 version for FREE.

“Anyone who works with QuickBooks should have this book.” -Michelle Long

Order the 2011 Consultant’s Reference Guide for up to half-off AND you will receive a FREE PDF of the 2012 Consultant’s Reference Guide once it is released*.

The QuickBooks Consultant’s Reference Guide contains information you won’t find anywhere else. It is packed with techniques to diagnose and fix your clients’ QuickBooks files with in-depth material to help you through some of the most difficult issues you will confront as a consultant. Whether you are a new QuickBooks consultant or a seasoned expert, you will learn new procedures and best practice recommendations.

New Price: Up to 50% off!
Downloadable PDF: $79.95 $39.95
Book: $89.95 $49.95
Book and PDF: $119.95 $69.95

Offer expires October 31, 2011 at 11:59 p.m.  Click Here to Order.

*The anticipated release date for the 2012 Consultant’s Reference Guide is early 2012.


Save 30% on Manage Properties with QuickBooks®

  • Are you struggling to track revenue and expenses for each Property, Unit, and Tenant?
  • Having trouble effectively adapting QuickBooks for daily property management responsibilities?
  • Do you spend hours understanding and customizing QuickBooks for Real Estate needs?

If you answered “YES” to ANY of these questions, this may be the most important email you read all year!

It Has Never Been Easier or Cheaper To Adapt QuickBooks for Real Estate and Property Management!

Our series of Manage Properties with QuickBooks, includes customized sample and template files with over 130 memorized reports specific to property management industry. In these guide, you will learn how to maximize QuickBooks’s user friendly features to manage your real estate business. Author Gita Faust has covered everything from rent roll, lease abstract, expiration list, options, pass thru charges, CAM, and budgets to rent escalation, expense recovery, security deposit, advance payment, prepaid expenses, owner’s proceed report and more.

It’s A No Brainer!

Discounts are available only on the following Manage Properties with QuickBooks series:

  • A Landlord’s Guide to Financial and Property Management
  • A Property Manager’s Guide to Financial and Property Management
  • A Guide to Financial and Commercial Property Management
  • Guide to Financial and Property Management of Condominiums, Homeowners Association & Co-operative Housing
  • A Real Estate Management Guide for  Fix-n-Flips (available late October, 2011)

Order your book by October 31, 2011 and I’ll even include special BONUS offers! Use code ML1110FTC

For more details visit Fast Trac Consulting and check out Gita’s blog.

Contact the author with any questions via phone at 866-645-3356 or via email at gita@fasttracconsulting.com


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