QuickBooks Tip: Tie out the Profit & Loss by Job to the Profit & Loss Report

QuickBooks Tip: Tie out the Profit & Loss by Job to the Profit & Loss Report

If you use QuickBooks for job costing, then you should assign a customer:job to each transaction (including admin or overhead as a job).  However, sometimes transactions are not assigned a job.  If you compare the standard Profit and Loss to the Profit and Loss by Job you may discover the totals do not agree.  This quick video demonstrates how to compare the reports and identify transactions not assigned to a customer:job.

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4 thoughts on “QuickBooks Tip: Tie out the Profit & Loss by Job to the Profit & Loss Report

  1. Kent Richardson

    Have a client moving to Tallie and they do have their purchases on credit card. They have about 50 cost centers where I’ll be setting up jobs and items (since each cost center will have about 20 items). Since so much on Tallie will hit these jobs and items I’m thinking of going all the way and transitioning overhead credit card charges and normal a/p on bill.com to a job and item model. Create an “admin” job and add items that closely mirror their G&A expenses. No more remembering account numbers and having to know g/l accounts for overhead costs and then jobs and items for cost centers. Just pure job and item model across the board. Will help for some overhead costs since many hold various expense types and they forget what goes where. I can list out these types as items and on item settings all point to same expense account. So I think will help coding too, esp since end users in Tallie will give first pass at coding now (never done before with them) and accounting will now just review before sending charge in Tallie work flow to final approver. Thoughts?

  2. Rebecca Neilson

    This was great and I learned a lot. I like the ablity to show two reports side by side and your tips to correct items that have not been assinged. I guess I have been doing a good job as I never have had No Names for jobs.

  3. Angela Loupe

    Great video; thanks so much for the help. Wonder why the “No Name” column likes to disappear: I find it refreshes away while working on the drill downs.