Best Marketing Ideas from Exhibitors at The Sleeter Conference

Best Marketing Ideas from Exhibitors at The Sleeter Conference

I just returned from The Sleeter Group’s Accounting Solutions Conference in Anaheim, California (i.e. right by Disneyland).  As usual, there were many exhibitors giving away promotional items.  When my kids were little, they liked it when I would bring home ‘goody bags’ for them but that doesn’t work now that they are older.  Plus, I have a drawer full of pens, sticky notes or note pads.  I don’t need squishy balls or T-shirts.  I never seem to win the good prizes like an iPad, Kindle or gift cards; however, I did win bunny slippers from InsynQ!  Thus, I like to look for new, unique marketing ideas from the exhibitors.  Here’s a couple of the best marketing ideas I noticed from The Sleeter Conference this year:

Most Buzz — Cloud9 Real Time

Cloud9 Real Time created the most buzz at the conference with their “Find your Mickie/Minnie ears” promotion.  Here’s how it worked:  The Mickie/Minnie ears had a Cloud9 Real Time sticker with a unique number on the front and back of one of the ears.  I picked up #90 Mickie ears and I needed to find  Minnie with #90 to match.  Then we would go together to the Cloud9 booth to pick a prize and get a sticker for the other ear that said ‘Cloud9 – I Won’ or something similar (I can’t remember because I never found my Minnie).  I heard of at least 3 people who won an iPad and numerous people who won $20 cash!  The promotion had people talking and looking for their match!

Most Useful — Intuit

Intuit had several promotions and give-aways at the conference including one that I think can be called the ‘Most Useful’.  They handed out a mouse pad with QuickBooks keyboard shortcuts and a list of apps that integrate with QuickBooks.  This is a useful item and great reference for the QuickBooks shortcuts that can save you time on a daily basis.

Useful and Unique — Wave Accounting

Wave Accounting came up with a useful and unique promotional item to give away from their booth.  They had socks with labels which included their logo and different sayings like:

  • Socking it to spreadsheets, one row at a time
  • Everyone needs accounting.  Everyone needs socks.
  • Sock your money away.

I thought it was a unique item and it caught my attention so I would stop at their booth.  When I told them I was going to include it in my blog post, they gave me 3 pairs (with different slogans on each).

That is my view on the best marketing ideas from the exhibit hall this year.  Were you there?  Did you win?  Share your thoughts and comments below.


11 thoughts on “Best Marketing Ideas from Exhibitors at The Sleeter Conference

  1. Beth Damis

    My favorite giveaway was the Wave socks, hands down. My 4 year old’s favorite was the miniature briefcase from ADP-she’s going to use it with her Barbies.
    I thought the mouse pads would be great to give away in my QB classes-they will be going in the trash now. Thanks for the heads-up Charlie & Michelle!

  2. Cheryl McCarthy

    Michelle, great writeup on the marketing ideas. I was able to catch your presentation on giving presentations. It was wonderful. And you are as engaging as Leslie, there is no doubt!

    Keith, thats a great idea about the mousepads but we don’t need Intuit to do it we could do it ourselves!

    1. Michelle Long Post author

      Cheryl — Thanks for your kind words!

      Beth — don’t throw them away. Pass them out and use them as an example of the importance of proof-reading things.

  3. Keith Gormezano

    I also didn`t find my Minnie (#58). Leslie, one of the presenters took it upon herself to ask everyone in her classes what number they were in the middle of a session.

    In regards to the mouse pad, perhaps Intuit might want to consider correcting it and offering it to their customers and Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors at cost with our name, phone, website, e-mail, and maybe a logo or photograph so we can give them to our clients.

    Stacy, I have an extra mousepad. Contact me at abt at scn dot org so I can mail it to you.

  4. Marnie Stretch

    I MUST attend a Sleeter Conference one of these years. It would be so great to meet everyone in person. Scott Z from Wave was at the IPBC conference in Vancouver last month, and I have to say, those socks were my favorite giveaway! I love the Cloud9 icebreaker idea!

  5. Charlie Russell

    One problem with the Intuit mouse pad, it had an error on one of the shortcuts! Oops, booth Ctrl-Y and Ctrl-W were listed as opening the check window. Proofread your mousepads before you manufacture them!

    1. Michelle Long Post author

      Oops — lots of typos. I didn’t look at it that closely until now. In addition to the one you found Charlie, I just noticed typos on Control+T, Home, Home, Home, and Space bar too.

  6. Stacey Byrne

    I was one of the $20 winners and the Wave socks kept my feet warm in the chilly session rooms. Wish I would’ve seen those mouse pads!!

    Your sessions were AWESOME Michelle! So glad I was able to attend two of them.