Want to know the 5 steps to providing profitable virtual accounting services?

Want to know the 5 steps to providing profitable virtual accounting services?

Want to finally start serving your small business clients without running all over town?  Wondering what tools you need to get started?  Wondering how best to talk your clients into changing, or maybe the “profit” part of all of this?

Then, Sandi Smith Leyva and I would like to invite you to our complimentary webinar, “5 Steps to Providing Profitable Virtual Accounting Services,” on September 27, 2012 at 2PM Central Time.  Register here  

We can’t wait to share with you these five progressive steps that will transform your practice. You’ll learn:

How to take the very first step – putting a toe in the water – toward moving your services from physical to virtual

  • Tips on how to ease clients into the change of receiving virtual accounting services
  • The tools you need to go virtual and a couple of important characteristics about them
  • Advanced tips for seasoned virtual accounting service virtuosos
  • And much more

Can you believe this is a no-charge webinar?!?!  We’ll also be sharing information about our exciting upcoming event, the First Annual Ultimate Accounting vCon.

You can sign up here for the webinar at no charge.

P.S.  One lucky person attending the webinar will be winning a Google Nexus 7 Tablet that our Gold Sponsor Xero has contributed.  Details to come…

P.S.S. We love our Ultimate Accounting vCon Gold Sponsors!


Xero is beautifully designed, easy to use online accounting software that changes the way you work with small and medium sized businesses.  Xero makes it easy for clients to keep the books up-to-date and makes it possible for you to collaborate with them online and become a virtual CFO. More than 200,000 people in over 100 countries around the world use Xero.


Make data entry simple! You never have to spend hours to manually enter checks, deposits, credits, charges, invoices & bills. Let ScanWriter do all the work. ScanWriter can automatically enter invoices from different vendors and different formats into QuickBooks as bills. Call 800-888-4281 to schedule a free, no obligation demo. You’ll see the data from your documents fly smoothly into QuickBooks.


Intuit helps small businesses and accounting professionals save time managing their business finances so they can spend time doing what they love: growing their businesses.  From desktop to online, payroll to payments, small business to professional accounting and tax solutions, Intuit is leading the way in developing products and services so that customers can never imagine going back to the old way.

Cloud9 Real Time

Cloud9 Real Time is an Accredited Managed Service Provider delivering dynamic Cloud Solutions for Anytime, Anywhere access. Licensed by both Intuit and Sage for Commercial Hosting and offering a customized, privately labeled all-in-one virtual office solution. Voted best Hosting company for 2012 by the CPA Practice Advisor, Cloud9 Real Time provides clients a secure and private cloud solution.


Avalara has helped thousands of customers stay focused on their success by providing a fast, easy way to manage sales tax that is accurate and affordable for small and mid-size businesses.  Avalara’s web-based AvaTax handles sales tax calculations, returns, remittance, and exemption certificate management – and seamlessly integrates into more than 200 accounting and business applications that span all platforms.

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  1. Valarie Gatti

    Will the webinar be recorded? I have registered but may have to be at a client’s all day that day. This is something I am very interested in and would like to be able to go back and listen to it.

    Thank you!

    Valarie Gatti