Resources from Michelle Long – Write a Review

Resources from Michelle Long – Write a Review

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Michelle Long owner of Long for Success, LLC provides many resources for QuickBooks users, small business owners, entrepreneurs, ProAdvisors, Consultants, Accountants, Bookkeepers, Tax professionals and others.  Perhaps you have found helpful information from one or many of the following: 

  • Answers and comments about QuickBooks, marketing and other business topics posted on Intuit Community, Linkedin, AIPB and other places
  • Podcasts to help you grow your business on topics like social media, conducting seminars and more
  • YouTube videos with Study Tips for the Advanced Certification Test, the ProAdvisor Program and more

If you have been benefited from the resources and information provided, then help others by sharing your comments. Write a review (just a sentence or two) on the Find a ProAdvisor website on Linkedin (a recommendation as a colleague).  Then, copy and paste it  along with where you posted it–not just here in the comments to enter the QuickBooks 2011 contest!  You might win QuickBooks 2011 for FREE!

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Amazon — QuickBooks Accountant 2011 or QuickBooks Pro 2011

Intuit’s Website — QuickBooks Accountant 2011

Or post a review where ever you choose — just copy & paste & post the link in the comments here.

NOTE: To be entered in the contest you have to post a review to ONE of the following:  the Find a ProAdvisor website, Linkedin (called a recommendation), Amazon or Intuit as explained above.  Then, post it here in the comments with a link or info about where you posted it so it can be verified.  Just posting a comment on this blog post is NOT a valid entry.

85 thoughts on “Resources from Michelle Long – Write a Review

  1. Matthew Toenjes

    This book (Successful QuickBooks Consulting) is an excellent resource, not only for the QuickBooks Consultant, but for accountants and bookkeepers in general. It is full of helpful, informative and interesting ideas about how to set up your own accounting and/or consulting business, and also includes advice from others in the field. I highly recommend it!

    Posted on

  2. Jack Cole

    Posted on my Linkedin profile

    Jack Cole Since I am the treasurer for several small non-profit organizations, I’m working on advancing my bookkeeping skills. Michelle Long is a CPA with a wealth of knowledge who is willing to assist others. You can find her on Linkedin at “Successful QuickBooks Consultants / … more

    Long for Success LLC – Michelle L. Long, CPA

    QuickBooks consulting, training and trouble shooting. Plus, business coaching and consulting. Helping Entrepreneurs start and grow their business — especially accounting professionals, bookkeepers and consultants.

  3. Jack Cole

    Posted to The Little Square

    Jack Cole says:
    December 14, 2010 at 2:15 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    I use a MacBook Pro with Parallels so that I can use either Mac or Windows applications. I expect to add Mac clients this year. Michelle Long has demonstrated extensive knowledge on a wide range of subjects relating to QB including the Mac. Looking forward to a good relationship with “The Little Square” that she recommended.

  4. Jack Cole

    Posted to the Find a ProAdvisor website

    Michelle’s blogs and contributions on the AIPB web site are very useful for me. I’ve been using Quicken and QuickBooks for years, but more on a personal level. As I expand into doing bookkeeping for others, I need all the help I can get. Discussions such as these expand my view of what I can do with QuickBooks.

  5. Martin Meyer

    Michelle has been a great resource for me in regards to assistance with QuickBooks issues. I really enjoy all her training webinar sessions and often go back an listen to them several times to catch things I might have missed the first time through.

  6. Marla J Blanachard

    Michele this is great!

    I market my business as an affordable alternative, and the majority of Year-End Clients are needing these types of cleanup, I love this tool and now I can save them money!

    -Fix un-applied Customer Payments and Credits (clean up open Accounts Receivable)
    -Clear Up un-deposited Funds account (and fix the underlying overstatement of income and un-deposited funds)

    MJB’s Office Solutions

  7. Tim Hughes

    Amazon Review.

    Successful QuickBooks Consulting Book, December 13, 2010
    By Tim Hughes – See all my reviewsAmazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Successful QuickBooks Consulting: The Comprehensive Guide to Starting and Growing a QuickBooks Consulting Business —Ideal for Bookkeeping or Bookkeepers, Accounting or Accountants, or Consultants (Paperback)
    When I first started my QuickBooks consulting practice 3 years ago, I had heard this was the book to get. So I did. It helped me create the foundation for a very successful practice, as this book gave me the nuts and bolts of QuickBooks, marketing, engagement letters, and much more. I feel like I saved both time and money by learning from someone who has obviously been there. For that, I am grateful I had the opportunity to read this book.

  8. Tim Hughes

    CDR is amazing. Thank you Michelle for making us aware of all the great tools we have at our disposal, as this will only elevate our level of service to our clients. We will be able to focus on other very important things like cash flow, financial analysis,

  9. Curtis

    I came in contact with Michelle online through an Intuit webinar and LinkedIn a few months ago. Between her LinkedIn group that I am a member of, her training sessions, and her website, I have been not only impressed by her vast Quickbooks and business knowledge, but also by her genuine interest in sharing her knowledge with the rest of us to make us better at what we do. Additionally, she brings that quality of sharing knowledge out in everyone else in her LinkedIn group. Thank you Michelle!

    Posted Date: December 10, 2010

  10. Brenda E

    I have been using QuickBooks since 1999 and must say that QuickBooks Accountant 2011 is indeed the best of the bunch. Intuit has outdone themselves this time around. QuickBooks Accountant 2011 is jam-packed with new features and enhancements. Some of my favorites are the new Batch Invoicing (this really helps with billings for my HOA clients); Client Data Review enhancements like the ability to reclassify transactions in batches and matching up unapplied payments and credits (both vendor and customer) save a ton of time; and the ability to have TWO company files open at the same time is another excellent addition.

    QuickBooks Accountant 2011, with its many time-saving tools, is definitely a good investment.

  11. Madhavi Vedantham

    I have learnt so much from your videos and contributions to the AIPB forum. My favorite video is your prep course for the QB Pro certification
    exam. I posted a review on the Find a Pro advisor website.

    Following is the link:

  12. Steven Gill

    “I don’t know how Michelle finds the time to make so many contributions to her colleagues’ success!

    I have benefited enormously from her Webinars on practice marketing and from her insightful postings on Linked In and other industry blogs.

    Thanks from all of us in the ProAdvisor community, Michelle!”

    Posted on Michelle’s ProAdvisor Profile.

  13. Beth Boyd

    Beth Boyd via Michelle L. Long: Intuit has launched a great radio talk show each Wednesday. QB expert Michelle Long is the guest this week – I’ve been to her classes and she knows her stuff. Dawn Brolin is on the panel and she’s worth the listen alone – she knows a LOT about QuickBooks and she’s a hoot! If you have a question or are just a QuickBo…oks nerd, this broadcast is for you!!/profile.php?id=676323130

  14. Bill Rogers, CPA

    Joe Woodard told me to get Michelle’s book (Successful QuickBooks Accounting). She has lots of good advice in there. If one does 85% of what is recommended in there having enough work will not be a problem. Having trouble getting all the work done is a good problem to have!!

  15. Amy

    Michelle is a key person in the world of Quickbooks and Business Consulting and has given her time and expertise to thousands of people!

  16. Lauree Adams

    I posted a help question on aipb upon starting my business and Michelle immediately sent me a youtube link of her walking me through my question. it was SOOO simple. It’s one thing to be a great resource it’s another to do it with kindness, encouragement, and professionalism as Michelle does each time.

  17. Cindi Ebert

    Michelle is one of the most knowledgeable QuickBooks professionals that I’ve worked with, and is always willing to provide her expertise and help. Her book “Successful QuickBooks Consulting” has been a great resource for me. I’ve been a member of the LinkedIn group “Successful QuickBooks Consultants” for over a year and it has been one of my “Go To” places for quality information. Thanks again, Michelle!

    Posted on LinkedIn 12/2/10

  18. Madhavi Vedantham

    As a new bookkeeper starting out, one of the best investments I made was buy your book, I have learned a lot from your linked in group, love to read all your answers to questions asked on the AIPB board.

    I posted a review to QB 2011 at the Amazon site- not sure when it will appear?

  19. Marisa

    Michelle’s LinkedIn Group has provided a WEALTH of information!! I am just starting my business and just recently joined LinkedIn. Her group was one of the first groups that I joined, and it has provided a lot of great information.

  20. Steffanie A

    Michelle was one of the first resources I used when my husband was transferred to a new city and I had to leave the safety of working under a very knowledgeable Quickbooks Consultant to start my own practice.

  21. Lori Thompson, EA

    In Michelle’s book, she gives valuable information to start and run a successful QB consulting business. She has become an essential resource for all things QB, and keeping my business up to date. Thank you Michelle. :o)

    Posted to Proadvisor review for Michelle.

  22. Lori Thompson, EA

    In Michelle’s book, she gives valuable information to start and run a successful QB consulting business. She has become an essential resource for all things QB, and keeping my business up to date. Thank you Michelle. :o)

  23. Edna Washington

    I have found the book ” Successful QuickBooks Consulting” very useful in my business. Michelle Long is very open to sharing her knowledge. I use the book as a model for growing my consulting firm Washington Consultants, LLC. It is good to know that someone else has been successful in the same field.

    I also have most of the podcasts of Michelle saved. The podcasts of interviews with her have been helpful. I can go back and listen to them over and over. I am looking forward to growing my business as a result of these resources.

  24. Debra Kilsheimer

    “I’ve known Michelle for years after meeting her on the many accounting forums she frequents. She readily shares her knowledge and inspires others to build their businesses. She always has a smile, a word or encouragement and a positive attitude.

  25. Jo Ellen Peters

    I am amazed at the knowledge Michelle has of QuickBooks. Her tips for study for the Advanced Certification test has been very helpful to me. I would never have thought of some of them had I not watch her utube video.

  26. Rhonda Sweatt

    If you are new to QuickBooks or thinking of starting your own company or better yet, become a QuickBooks Pro Advisor. This is a step by step comprehensive book that will explain how to start your own successful QuickBooks Consulting Firm. I became a Pro Advisor 4 years ago. Is is the best thing I ever did for myself financially. I didn’t really use it for the first 2 years. I purchased this book and got really great insights into the nuts and bolts of starting my own business.

    Rhonda Sweatt

  27. Lauree Adams

    I’ve found Michelle to be an excellent resourse for Quickbooks and has really helped me launch my own business just by reading her blogs and book

  28. Mary Bouchard

    I’ve been using QuickBooks Accountant for years now, and it’s a great program. I use it for a wide range of clients. It’s easy to use, intuitive, and relatively flexible business accounting software. The developers are always working to make it better with each release, and it does get better. Customer support is really quite good, as well. It’s no wonder QuickBooks is the most widely used accounting software in the nation.

  29. Elaine Wilson

    Love your blogs, very helpful! I share with others I know who are QB users. Can’t get all the tips & shortcuts from the QB webiste.

  30. Carolyn Franjko

    The courses written by Michelle were such a help and a great reference tool for the future. What a wonderful resource we all have to have access to such a knowledgeable professional. (As written on Michelle’s ProAdvisor website)

  31. Andrea Kranitz

    I’ve posted this review on Find a ProAdvisor
    Michelle is an excellent resource for QuickBooks ProAdvisors – she is on top of all of the nuances of the software and can help you work through some of the more difficult issues. Check out her blog and LinkedIn group for ongoing info!

  32. Beth Whitworth

    Michelle – I posted a recommendation for you on Linkedin

    I have attended Intuit QuickBooks training sessions with Michelle and find her presentations to be some of the best I have attended. Her knowledge and passion for QuickBooks and QuickBooks related products makes her training sessions fun and totally relevant! I would recommend any training provided by Michelle to anyone looking to advance their knowledge of QuickBooks. December 1, 2010

    Beth Whitworth (Owner at Accounting Solutions Group of St. Louis ) was with another company when working with Michelle at Long for Success, LLC*1_*1_*1_*1_en*4US_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1

  33. Dana Mitchell

    Michelle and I both belong to Intuit’s Trainer Writer Network. Michelle has an extensive knowledge of both QuickBooks and Accounting. She has written many training presentations for Intuit, as well as her own books. Michelle has made a tremendous contribution to the Intuit Community with her expertise, answering business owners’ questions relating to QuickBooks and providing several online webinars . I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone who is looking to expand their knowledge of QuickBooks, whether it be a fellow QuickBooks ProAdvisor or a small business owner.

    Posted on LinkedIn

  34. Diane Fries

    I have only been a member of Michelle’s group for a short period of time but I have already found her advice to be priceless. MIchelle does a great job sharing her QuickBooks expertise as well as facilitating others to share their experience. This is helpful to all that follow Michelle be it on her blog, LinkedIn group or her web-site.

  35. Kathryn Gibbs

    4.0 out of 5 stars QuickBooks 2011 Rocks!, December 1, 2010
    kgibbs – See all my reviews

    This review is from: QuickBooks Accountant 2011 (CD-ROM)
    This is the version we’ve been waiting for… As a ProAdvisor, I believe that all QuickBooks users should upgrade to the 2011 edition.

  36. Beverly Lang

    Michelle’s expertise in QuickBooks and reading her book “Successful QuickBooks Consulting”, helped me to find out what works in my Bookkeeping business. I worked with another local PA who lent me his book to read. I have been hooked ever since. I took her class on Advanced Certification at the conference and found her to be very personable and extremely knowledgable.

  37. Beverly Lang


    This is how your review will appear:

    Great product for small price, December 1, 2010
    By Beverly Lang (OWENS CROSS ROADS, AL, US) – See all my reviewsThis review is from: QuickBooks Accountant 2011 (CD-ROM)
    I was also fortunate enough to be able to beta test QuickBooks Accountant 2011 and discover the many enhancements to the product. Having worked with QuickBooks for years, I have to say this version is the best ever. Compared to past Peachtree & Quicken experiences, QuickBooks 2011 can’t be made simpler or more intuitive.

  38. Pam Scott

    I’ve listened to several QB webinars for getting my certification with Michelle as the host and she always does a great job. Even though I started my business 3.5 years ago, I just purchased Michelle’s book, “Successful QuickBooks Consulting”. It has so much great information – I wished I’d read it sooner. I plan to share it with a friend who isn’t a ProAdvisor yet to help her out.

    Keep up the fantastic job Michelle!

  39. Penny Giron

    “Michelle’s wealth of knowledge, and her willingness to share it with others, has been a great resource for her peers and colleagues. ” Posted as a recommendation on Linked-In.

  40. Angel Heath

    Michelle – I just want to say THANK YOU for all of your insight and knowledge in your book “Successful Quickbooks Consulting” . It really helped me to build a foundation that is based on tried and true practices that have succeeded in Quickbooks Consulting. If you are looking to start a QB Consulting firm or to add it to your current business, this is definitely the book for you.

  41. Dawn Brigman

    Great resources, Michelle!
    Your book was a great help to me when I started my business. Your YouTube videos proved very useful when it came time for certification. And, your LinkedIn group is great!
    I don’t know how you find time for everything you do!

  42. Rhonda Sweatt

    I have purchased Michelle’s book. It is a must have for any Quickbook Pro advisor. It was very helpful with basic tips on getting started in my new business and navigating the QuickBooks Pro Advisor site.

  43. Shelia Beeker

    Date: November 21, 2010

    Overall Rating 5 out of 5


    “Whenever you have a question or need to help with a Quickbooks problem you can always depend on Michelle Long giving you the help you need to get the problem solved. She is the expert to turn to. Her answers are precise and to the point.”

  44. Alex A

    Michelle’s book has been a fantastic help for me in discovering the world of Quickbooks consulting. The book is very easy to read and it provides many tips that I could not find anywhere else. Thank you, Michelle, for sharing your knowledge!

  45. Jo Ellen Peters

    I can’t think of anyone who I would turn to for Quickbooks advise other than Michelle Long. She seems to know it all. And her answers to questions are in everyday lanquage. If you are considering taking the Advance Certification Test by all means watch her Utube video and read her materials on tips and tricks. I would never had though of doing what she suggested. Thank you Michelle for being so valuable to us.

  46. William "Bill" Murphy

    Michelle is one of the very best trainers that Intuit could ever have found; she is always on top of the material and her presentations are right on point. She has served as a guide for many of us and she continues to offer assistance and direction in her website offerings as well as her contributions to the various networks including the Intuit Community.

    Thanks Michelle for always reaching to everyone’s questions and concerns always offering advice and support.

    William “Bill” Murphy – Okla. City

  47. Monique Colver

    I recently had a chance to finally meet Michelle and attend some of her presentations at the Sleeter Conference. She is extremely knowledgeable and excels at what she does, and she makes the content interesting while building a great rapport with her audience. I highly recommend Michelle!” November 20, 2010

    Posted on

  48. Sheryl Meshell-Theis

    “Michelle Long is an expert in her line of business and absolutely knows what she is talking about. Extremely professional, friendly and has a wealth of knowledge in her Industry. Any business will not go wrong with Michelle. Michelle is also the Author of “Successful QuickBooks Consulting”, “Resources from Michelle Long” and “Sharing Keys to Success for QuickBooks Consultants”

  49. Karen Atherton

    I’ve been a member of the LinkedIn group Successful QuickBooks Consultants for several months and always look forward to the newest update to come through my email. Practical tips and time saving advice is the order of the way, as well as ways to work out specific problems and issues as experienced by all of us at one time or another. It’s been a tremendous resource for me!

  50. Karen Atherton

    What I particularly like about this edition of QuickBooks Pro Accountants’ Edition is being able to work two files at the same time! A great fabulous new feature that has been added. Saves time and frustration when working with separate data files. Another great new feature is the client account at a glance when the invoice window is open for a particular client. It gives you a fairly full picture of that client’s account while you are entering new invoices! Another fab ‘extra’ by the creators of this great product!

  51. Michelle Long

    I appreciate the great comments from everyone — are you also posting a review to the Find a ProAdvisor website, a Linkedin Recommendation or a QB 2011 review somewhere? You need to post those AND here to be entered in this part of the contest. 🙂

  52. Debi Paulen

    I just downloaded the “Preparing for QuickBooks ProAdvisor Certification” file. I listened to the information and want to say that Michelle is great and has alot of information on this topic. I also listened to her Marketing information and can’t wait to apply her suggestions. Thanks Michelle, you are the BEST.

  53. Debi Paulen

    I have been looking a the training website and I am so impressed with 2011 Accountant version of QuickBooks. I hope Michelle’s book gets here soon so I can read it. I want to get started soon. Can anyone give me some advice or tell me if it it worth getting the Accountant version of 2011?

  54. Howard Drobes

    As a CPA and a long time QuickBooks user, I thought that I would be able to pass the Certified QBA exam with no problems. Surprise, but thanks to Michelle’s Blog, notes, webinar “Preparing for QuickBooks ProAdvisor Certification”, I was able to pass it. She has great tips on using QuickBooks and anyone who reads her blog and web info and does not use the information is foolish. She is tops.

  55. Marnie

    Michelle’s online class was outstanding, and she’s definitely one of the most informative QB consultants I’ve had the pleasure of learning from. She introduced me to the client data review feature which was very impressive (I have clients in Canada and sadly, they won’t have this feature for another year). Her tips and tricks, which can be found in a variety of different places, provide me with invaluable help running my own business.

  56. Fuji Vorseth (Luv2doQB)

    Date: November 18, 2010 Overall Rating:

    5 out of 5 QB Features & ServiceLuv2doQB
    Location: Mesa, Arizona
    QuickBooks Accountant Edition: 2011
    Firm Size: One
    Years Practiced: More than 20

    5 out of 5 Complete Write-Up & Bookkeeping:

    4 out of 5 Value:

    5 out of 5 I enjoy using QB and using it as a tool to provide value added service to my clients. I create and memorize reports that are specific for their business needs. I always try to show them something new so that they too can better understand how to use QB as a value added tool for their business.Specialty:
    Providing quality bookkeeping & tax consulting for my clients.
    Client Data Review, Toggle, Financial Reporting
    By submitting a review you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

  57. Rebecca Tervo

    Michelle is my go-to person when it comes to keeping up with what’s going on at Intuit. As a teacher and trainer myself, I found that being on Michelle’s linkedin groups and part of her Facebook community really helps me keep current on new QuickBooks products, issues, and solutions to problems. I was fortunate enough to meet Michelle in person at the Scaling New Heights conference in May, and am delighted to say she’s just as nice and easy to talk to in person as she is on the web!

  58. Debi

    I am new to AIPB and have been following the post that I get. I have experience in Accounting (25 years) through work and college. Years ago, I got out of accounting, but to no avail I am back and I found Michelle’s web site. I also purchased her book today and hope to learn how to prepare to open a business using her tools. I also am a Certified User but I took the test when Intuit web site offered it free. Michelle, I cant wait to read your book and get started with my business.

    Thanks in advance for all your expertise and thank Intuit for all the contests.

  59. Judy Jackson

    Michelle had a very interesting and informative session. I usually hate sitting thru training sessions but this was different. I can say that I actually learned a lot of information in this session.

  60. Gina

    Michelle’s LinkedIn Group draws a crowd for a reason. She knows what she is talking about. She has the respect of her peers. I have her book and it is a great resource. I plan to feature it on my website with the next update to my resourses page. Her Group is one of the ones I always go to for answers.

  61. Jay Mangrum

    Just a few hours of training has revolutionized my business! Michelle knew exactly what my firm needed to do in order to cut wasted time, cut receivables, and increase revenues. And I was only expecting a bit of technical help. Talk about overdelivering! The tips, tricks, and shortcuts she shared were things I didn’t even know I could do even though I’ve used QuickBooks for years. Thank you, Michelle. (Posted on Michelle’s QuickBooks Pro Advisor profile.)

  62. Janelle Kimball

    Posted on LinkedIn, 11/16/10. “I recently heard Michelle speak at The Sleeter Group’s 2010 Accounting Solutions Conference. She spoke with much confidence about Advanced QuickBooks Troubleshooting. Her confidence comes from knowing the QuickBooks product and having dealt with, first hand, the errors clients can make. She is a asset to Intuit and to the many QuickBooks ProAdvisors that follow her.”

  63. Julie Pyatt

    I’ve been a member of the LinkedIn group “Successful QuickBooks Consultants” for over a year and it has been EXTREMELY helpful! They update me on important industry topics and trends without my having to spend hours scouring websites and articles. Thank God for technology! 🙂

  64. Heather Potvin

    I’ve been a member of this group for about a year, and always look forward to Michelle’s comments. Her knowledge and interest in helping other professionals is always welcome.

    Great tips. I’ll have to try this and report back. Yes cleaning up someone else’s mess is time consuming, but that is what keeps me in business.
    Thanks for all the great advise and information Michelle. You are right up to date, and understand all the nuances of QuickBooks.
    From Linked In post on Client Data Review Discussion, November 16, 2010

  65. Doug Guard

    Michelle’s book has been a great inspiration for me. I am new at owning my own firm and was kinda forced into it with the economy the way it is. But with the ideas in her book and some of the webinars I’ve attended of Scaling New Heights and others, I am getting more and more confident. Now, if I could just earn enough to become a Pro Advisor! (Did I mention I live in a town of less than 6,000?)

  66. Sheryl Meshell-Theis

    Michelle’s expertise in QuickBooks and reading her book “Successful QuickBooks Consulting”, helped me to find out what works in my Bookkeeping business. I purchased her book from Reading her book and applying her suggestions and tips helped me to get started.

    Sheryl Meshell-Theis