Tools for Success

Tools for Success

There are a lot of great tools that help improve our efficiency and productivity.  For small business owners, entrepreneurs, QuickBooks Consultants, bookkeepers, accountants, tax professionals, IT consultants and more our time is very valuable!

Share a tool or resource that helps you be successful and tell us how it helps you or how you use it with QuickBooks or in your business!  Examples of tools might include:

  • File Sharing (Dropbox, FileShare, etc)
  • QuickBooks Tools — data transfer, transaction copiers, etc. (from or or others)
  • QuickBooks Hosting or Remote Access
  • Time Management or Scheduling
  • Webinars or online meetings
  • Apps for your phone (Tether for Blackberry is great)
  • Anything else

Here’s your chance to share your favorite tool and tell us how it helps you!  It is great to learn about new things from others and it is hard to keep up with all the new tools available.  Post your comment and you might win QuickBooks 2011 FREE in the contest!

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77 thoughts on “Tools for Success

  1. Karen

    I use Log Me In and it works well. Most of my clients are not local so I need to purchase a scanner, to speed up the flow of paper.

  2. Debbie Winn

    I use Log Me In to access client files. I love that I can access files any time that I need to work or help. I also use the QB Connect app so that I can create, send or email invoices from my iPhone. I have the QB Online Payroll app but haven’t used it to date.

    In the past I have used Adobe Acrobat. For me it was worth paying for the program so that I could add pages, delete pages, use the “typewriter” to create more professional looking documents and to create fillable forms.

  3. Matthew Toenjes

    Some of the tools that I use are:

    – Google Docs for email and calendar. I really like the color-coded multiple calendars and have created one for each client, as well as my own.

    -ImagineTime for time & billing and practice management. It is simple to use and works very well.

    – SFR visKeeper Pro to store all of my (and my client’s) passwords and sensitive information. It is available for PC and Windows Mobile, and syncs both automatically. I could not work without it.

    – Nuance PDF Converter to print to PDF format and to edit pdf files.

    There are others, such as Logmein, that have been mentioned by several others in this blog as well.

  4. Dallon Christensen

    I use Dropbox ( and You Send It ( to send files and information that should not be sent via e-mail. I plan to eventually use a portal at some point, but I’ll use Dropbox as a portal until I gain a decent number of clients.

  5. Cindy Steed

    I use Dropbox in different ways for different clients. I like it very much. One client has the QBW file in dropbox. I work in the file on weekends or at night when I know she won’t be using it. By the time she opens QB the next time the file is synced to her computer.

    Other clients I put reports or invoice copies in a shared Dropbox folder. It is much faster than e-mail. One client has all QBB files in Dropbox. They restore the backup to look at their current financial picture, or review any payments, etc.

    Also, I travel a lot. I have Inbox folders. My employee scans documents to be processed in QB. I can open the documents and move them to virtual file folders as I process the information in QB.

    I also like Go To Assist Express for remote consulting.

    I use Log Me In Pro for one client to log in to their computer and prepare payroll. I make a backup copy of their file and move it to my computer. Before this they were not making any backups.

    I also pay an extra fee to Dropbox to keep additional months of my files in their memory. I used to use Carbonite, then Mosey for online backup.

  6. Kate Gieges

    My most-used tool is Responsive Time Logger ( I set up my customers and my billing items, then I can run up to three stopwatches at once. I use it for my bookkeeper customers, as well as with my volunteer and municipal duties. It’s Access-based, and I export each month’s records into a spreadsheet to review my billing. It will also export lump-sums directly to QB. It runs on Windows, Windows Mobile, and Palm (okay, I’m little outdated too). I love the fact that I can record time on-site and synchronize it later. It’s extremely versatile and adaptable for all sorts of details.

  7. Jack Cole

    This is very useful for me. I’ve been using Quicken and QuickBooks for years, but more on a personal level. As I expand into doing bookkeeping for others, I need all the help I can get. A discussion such as this expands my view of what I can do with QuickBooks.

  8. Linda Radaker

    I use Webex remote access on a regular basis with some of my clients. It has been a huge help, because they can watch what I am doing on their PC. I don’t have to drive an hour to their office to fix the little things anymore, so it helps my productivity.

  9. Mary Ann Laing

    Everyday tools I use are: dropbox, yousendit, cutepdf writer, winzip. A client introduced me to a new storage site, It works like dropbox, but with limits that dropbox doesn’t have.

  10. Irene Spunde

    Thanks to all for sharing. I will file these comments in my ‘toolbox.’

  11. Mary Miles

    Favorite Tools I use in by business include:

    I use Dropbox for file sharing with clients. This is enables a more secure sharing of documents with more security versus emails.

    This is a great way to communicate face to face with clients without actually being there. For clients that are out of state it provides an excellent way to stay in touch between travel visits. I have participated in meetings with as many as 10 people with some in GA and others in CA.

    Flash (Zip) Drives
    Although it is an older mode of data sharing, I have used thumb drives with those clients not familiar with Dropbox or data transfers.

  12. Marla J Blanachard

    RE: Anything else

    I am fairly new to this self employment arena, however, I would like to encourage every Start-Up or Existing Self Employed Entrepreneur out there to press on for any Certification in your field. In addition, check out SCORE, Counselors to America’s Small Business for FREE counseling and mentoring in your area!. The national site is


    Marla J Blanchard
    MJB’s Office Solutions

  13. Fran McCully

    I rent server space that houses all of my clients QB files – The file is kept in multi-user mode and the client can log in from where ever they are and we can log in to process the clients day to day and monthly activities. This has been a fantastic addition to my company. For those clients that prefer to keep their file on the desktop I use Sharefile to transfer the file back and forth when necessary.

  14. Jennifer

    I stumbled upon Microsoft OneNote2010 when I was working on cut and pasting help notes from our Quickbooks 2010 Premier database help section.

    I was having issues with the PDF converter so I decided to select OneNote and give it a try not realizing it was already loaded on my laptop as part of the Microsoft 2010 Office Suite, OMG it’s so awesome it is an intergrated workbook that nicely set up a document in a visual workbook format. You can even use a pen like function to draw diagrams etc on the pages.

  15. Peter DeSmidt

    I have used the tools from once in the past to help convert master file data from RealWorld software to QuickBooks. While I was not able to get it to work for transaction detail, it did work for master file data, and did provide a good work project at the time. I’ve used that knowledge in the future to be able to identify what can and cannot be done on bringing data into new QuickBooks companies.

  16. Teodora

    well, the best tool of all: google! I use it whenever I want to find out smthing, whether it is a fiscal change, a question I have, anythig…
    Also a practical & free tool that I use is:
    It is a free pdf convertor.
    Also a free site for accounting and bookkeeping step by step education that helped me:
    And a forum to change ideas and tips with other virtual assistants

  17. Laura Lincoln

    Tools that I use in my business include:
    Big Red Consulting’s Transaction Creator
    Bay State Consulting’s Transaction Pro Importer
    Google Voice
    Adobe Acrobat Professional

  18. Angela Cooley

    I love the Gotomeeting service. I can have a client call me about any issue they are havng on their computer screen and dial in instantly. I can switch views have them watch my screen. There’s so much flexibility there.

  19. Kathi Daugherty

    There are a few prime pieces of software I just couldn’t live without (well, I could, but my days would be longer!)

    1) PaperPort software – this allows me to stack and unstack PDF files. I use this constantly when sending reports to clients.

    2) YouSendIt – I’ve taught my clients to use this as well as my one employee. When she is working in the field, she sends me a portable file when she’s finished so I can review.

    3) LogMeIn – Living in a rural area, I can’t count the number of miles and hours this has saved me. I have one client that I haven’t seen in 4 years because I’m now able to do all my work remotely.

    4) RingCentral – for my faxes. This $80/year saves me more than that in paper, toner and paper storage. My faxes are delivered to my email, printed only when necessary, and filed electronically.

    5) My dual screens! I just recently purchased a new monitor and finally figured out how to hook both of them up. It’s awesome that I can have one document on the left and be typing in QB on the right.

  20. Bev Sperry

    It’s interesting checking on the Logmein ratings comparison. The enclosed website is an example of how the program rates. Of course the word “free” is important when loading it on several computers. Logmein Pro has excellent features as well and is fairly prices. Radmin comes in a close second pricing-wise, but I haven’t seen any QB reviews on my limited search.

    One suggestion about using any tech plan, always have a plan “B” and “C” in mind when a line of communication breaks down as Murphys Law is alive and well.

  21. Andre Kachirsky

    I have to agree with many other comments that my favorite tool is LogMeIn. It has helped me in many times to get the job done. PDF Filler is another great tool that allows you to type and edit the file. And most of all, I believe the best tool of all is the shared informaton that each and everyone of you post out there. It’s another world that alot of us did not know about. Thanks to all for sharing!

  22. Kramer

    Again, so much great information here I can barely get my mind around it all. This is such great help for an “informationaholic.” These connections are helping me feel much better about “jumping off cliff” and going out on my own. I currently use LogMeIn with my employer and will be using it with future! Looking forward to trying some of the technology at the websites list above – and would love to win free QuickBooks software since I am just getting started! PS I bought your book and it is absolutely the best investment so far for getting me on the right track (and I am not just saying this to win either!!!)

  23. Jody

    Several have mentioned the free CutePDF writer tool, but I have recently purchased CutePDF Pro. When I purchased my copy recently, it was discounted to $50 and it was well worth it. I can scan to PDF, re-arrange pages within a file, delete pages in a file, merge PDF files, create a fillable PDF, add comments, etc. it’s a great too to limit the amount of paper you print and handle!

  24. Patty Mory

    I have used – Webex access for remote entry into client files, Insynq for Hosted access, Sharefile for data transfer in a secure mode, and Webex remote meetings.

    Last year when the snowstorm(snowmageddon) on the east coast gave me in my area 38″ of snow, I kept working online and billed like a superwoman. If only I didn’t have to shovel snow myself… I would have made a ton more money!!!

  25. Jennifer Davis

    I’ve had no problems with WebEx for remote and clients like the ease of use.

    I don’t use a hard phone line, so to receive and send faxes I use rapid fax.

    Other than that I haven’t used much else, though I will probably end up checking out all these great suggestions here to see if any fit my needs so to all a big thanks!

  26. Brenda E

    There are so many great tools out there and many have already been listed, but here are some of my favorites: – Send and receive faxes via web or email. Also receive mobile notifications. I have been using this for a few years now and am very pleased with the service and the pricing. – File sharing

    PDF Filler – Online PDF Form Editor. Lets you type into pdf forms that you upload from your PC or a website. Works on any form and you can include your signature. You can save, print, email, fax or export your forms.

    QB Remote Access – Lets you access QuickBooks or entire PC remotely. I like it because the price is very reasonable.

    CutePDF – Acts as a printer to convert your print jobs to .pdf format.

  27. Sharon Conkey

    A tool that I find extremely useful in working with my customers is This allows me to work as if I was in their office.

  28. Wayne Story

    I’ve been in corporate customized software systems as Controller and CFO for years and just now making the leap to the ProAdviser environment. I’ve come to enjoy the QBks environment in some limited situations and look forward to joining this group with the friendships and all of the tools available. Yet it’s a little intimidating and overwheming at first blush.

    Michelle certainly made it easier to jump in with her magnetic, friendly and laid back personality at the Intuit-St Louis meeting last month.

    I trust I can ramp up fast and utilize my broad corporate experience to help the QBks users in my area. Obviously, I’m at the short end of the stick on software to use but have great hopes.

    Thanks for your efforts for the group Michelle.

  29. Denise Merritt

    I love AWeber! It allows me to send my blog posts (and see what the spam rating is before I send it!); to put boxes on my web page so people can sign up for my blog updates; and, most importantly, to send clients and prospects periodic information about our services. QuickTrainer has received so much additional revenue from using AWeber.

  30. Nancy Faris

    I love Logmein. It has helped me in many situations get the job done. I also like Cutepdf writer. When using the materials on line or working on a certification on a new release cutepdf has really come in handy. Just print whatever your working on to the cutepdf and it’s yours for future study.

  31. Madhavi Vedantham

    I must say that I am newbie to using new tools for QB, the one feature that my client has liked immensely is the attach bills in QB. We just started using it and he loves the fact that with a click of a button, a vendor bill can be attached and is available for review at any time!!

  32. Steven Gill

    I just started using the QuickBooks Connect feature, which is free for ProAdvisors and I LOVE it! This is one that customers might want to upgrade to QB2011 just to get.

  33. William C. Rawe

    I love technology, and I love the way Intuit is moving forward agressively to provide so many software applications that integrate with QuickBooks and assist us in productivity and management of our firms. The biggest challenge now is choosing which applications are a good fit for me and my business needs. Great blog Michelle! Thanks for all that you do.

  34. Jeannie Crook

    I have much to learn about remote access, file sharing, etc., so I must say that so far my favorite tools are these forums I’ve found through Linked In and QuickBooks Pro Advisors.

  35. Beth Boyd

    One service I could not live without is Remote Accounting Solutions All I have to do is sign my clients up and RAS handles the rest: installs the software, trains the client and handles support. lt allows my clients to send me large QB files and also allows me to remote in to my clients’ computer if needed. I know there are some free programs that do what they do, but technology overload makes me crazy – they make it too easy to even think about trying to do it myself. Their customer service is awesome!

  36. Suzan Ali, EA

    At this point it appears everybody has said and included all the good tools, so I am not going to repeat any. My tool is 3 Banana app for the iphone, droid or any smart phone. I leave myself voice notes on mileage, appointment time and then transfer that information into my quickbooks mileage report. I just wish there was a way to syn the information from 3 Banana into quickbooks. But at least I have the mileage!

  37. Janett

    It will be 2 years ago in January that I turned 58 while in the hospital very ill and while I was there my 63 year old CPA husband lost his job. What were we going to do. He joined a small tax office to start bookkeeping. How was I going to help him? I had been a stay at home mom with 6 grown children and a BA in Education. I got a QuickBook ProAdvisor membership and used every resource they provided. I read and studied everything available to me like it was a full time job as I recovered from my surgery. Lucky for me I had a CPA in the next room to answer questions when I did not understand something and believe me it was sometimes like learning a new language. I read all the material and took all the test becoming certified in 2008, 2009, 2010, ES and POS in 1 year. I can honestly say that because of the ProAdvisor program I am a valued member of the team. Our clients are growing and I am able to setup their files on QBs and get all the data in the right place. It is true I am heavy on theory and lite on practical but that is changing. My best tool without a doubt has been the resources that the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Membership has provided.

  38. Sharon

    Smart phones tools & apps are very important is keeping on task. Getting emails, scheduling appointments, etc through my phone keeps me connected at anytime of the day without being tied down to the desk or computer.

  39. Lisa Ertman

    One of my most valuable tools is gotoassist which I use regularily to log into clients’ computers to answer questions they have or do quick training.

  40. Marisa

    WordPress has been a great tool for my blog. It was very easy to set up, track the blog statistics….and it’s FREE.

  41. Steffanie A

    For my business management, I have to say that Quickbase has been a terrific tool to keep track of all projects and tasks associated with each client.

    I can set up tasks for payroll, bookkeeping, EFTPS payments, etc and make them recurring for my staff. I can look online from anywhere to see where we are on projects and add items if a client needs something completed. For employee time tracking and billing, I have detailed information of how they have spent their time and makes billing much easier. We use it for our CRM as well.

    Remote servers for clients is a great tool. We can be working in their file while they are. No more back ups to keep track of. I have one client with three locations that resisted the remote server idea. A couple of months later, he was robbed of all his computers at that location. If he would have had his QB file on that computer it would have been a disaster for him.

  42. Gina Brooks

    Dropbox – Great automatic way of sharing files on a regular basis.
    SendThisFile – Used for one time large file transfers.
    Fujitsu ScanSnap – Going Paperless!
    Shoeboxed – Scan, archive, catalog, shread docs.
    Carbonite Pro – Don’t want to lose all my paperless documents.
    email from QuickBooks – it is part of the paperless solution. Why stamp and meal when you can just email.
    iPhone – Office on the go!
    Google Apps for Domains – Google’s great features without using “” for your business.
    YouSendIt – Some of my accountants use this to send me files
    InsynQ for QuickBooks Hosting – Work from anywhere. Work anytime. (currently one of my employees is on a 6 month visit to Guam and still working for me)
    Webinars – Great when you can make the time.
    Logmein & GoToMyPC – for when hosting doesn’t make sense.

  43. Sonia Rae Warmack

    Since I was always terrible at mileage tracking, I purchased TripBook ( to track my mileage. Small little usb dongle that plugs into the cigarette adapter of my car and records where I go, Then I come back to my office, plug it in, modify the data if needed and it complies it into a nice little report. At $55 on amazon, it paid for itself with the first business trip I made. Amazing little device!

  44. Edna Washington

    I love using the email feature in QuickBooks. I email all client invoices and statements and then follow up with the client. This tool has helped my business a great deal.

  45. Jim Savage-The QuickBooks Guy and For existing clients, I can put a free logmein account on their computer and I can access their system anytime. For demos and remote support, I also have a gotomeeting account, can be used for remote support if you make the other party the presenter.

    The other one that I could not live without is I have to keep track of hundreds of passwords and there is no way I could not do it without this free app. Also works on android and blackberry, and it’s free.

  46. Mary Bouchard

    At this point I may sound like an echo of what’s been written, but I just love, which is good for sending large data files, like client QuickBooks data files, or even ginormous pdf’s. The other tool which is good for computer troubleshooting, which is free, is CrossLoop, available at Skip over the registration, and download CrossLoop Free on the following page. Amazing what technology has brought us to!

  47. Carolyn Franjko

    I must admit I’m an infant with using alot of the technology available…but I’m learning. I love that QB allows importing/exporting with Word and Excel because then I can email clients reports and information they need quickly and easily. I have used TeamViewer to work remotely on clients computer and access my own desktop when I was away from my office and only had my laptop.

  48. Beth Whitworth

    We recently signed up for Sharefile which gives us a secure client portal that links through our website. The setup was easy, the price is reasonable and it is great for transferring QuickBooks files or allowing clients to access pdfs of their past year tax returns.

  49. Dana Mitchell

    I love using LogMeIn for Remote Access and DropBox for data sharing. It has allowed me to connect with clients all over the United States whether it’s for one on one training using QuickBooks or for various bookkeeping needs.

  50. Deb Howard Greenleaf

    I would second the recommendation for SendThisFile … I rely on it quite heavily!

    I am also very impressed with Minute7. For clients with employees or contractors in multiple locations, it’s a wonderful way to gather and track everyone’s billable time, then easily import it into QB.

  51. Jonathan Kaplow

    We have used QuickBooks Remote Access meetings feature for several years to access our client’t computers to do bank reconcilitions, post tax return journal entries and to transfer a copy of the QB file to our computer to use for the tax return.

    This year we started using the Accountant’s Copy for clients to send us their QiuckBooks file for the tax return and lately just to send us a copy to look at if they have a question. If they send us a copy to look at, we tell them to remove the accountant’s restrictions immediately after they send it. It is just an easier way to get a copy of the file to us than e-mailing a portable company filing bringing us a CD or flash drive.

    If we are using the QuickBooks file for the tax return, then we ask them not to remove the accounant’s restrictions and we send the accountant’s c hanges back to them when we have finished the tax return. this is much easier than sending them journal entries.

  52. Beverly Lang

    My favorite tool is LogMeIn. This gives me access to all of my clients computers from anywhere so that I can remote in and fix items as needed. I even have it on my phone so I am never more than a call away from a client.

  53. Pam Scott

    My favorite tool is a freebie! it’s a desktop sharing program that you can be the presenter or your client. I use this every month to help a client pay her payroll taxes correctly. (She gets confused easily and has paid them twice via EFTPS’s website.) I also just used it this past weekend for a new client who was just getting started on QB for Mac. He entered a deposits of 1 payment without adding other payments, but couldn’t figure out how to delete or fix it. We linked up via Mikogo and I showed him how to delete it. Took only a few minutes and not a drive across town to show me what he’d done.

    Isn’t technology great!

  54. Mindy

    I use WordPress for my blog – I just got started. has a free download app to save files to the PDF format. It installs it like a virtual printer. It asks you where you want the PDF saved when you “print” to it. This is great when the printer has just run out of ink or emailing a report from QB isn’t working. Very fast. Free. I’ve used this for years.

  55. Lauree Adams

    I personally like Logmein and if you are working with just one person on the other end of QB – I also like their remote access.

    for websites I like microsoft office live

  56. Angel Heath

    As a small business owner I have learned to appreciate two words in the English dictionary. Discounted and FREE (FREE being my favorite 🙂 thus being said and considering I use so many different tools, I’ve listed my top 3 below: – the best for all of my client information. Dropbox allowed me to stop carrying my laptop everywhere I went. I set all of my clients up with a dropbox account (which not only added space to my own account for free it allowed me direct access to my clients info) and provided a scanner. Now when they scan their information – it goes directly into the “inbox” folder in the dropbox and I have direct access without them having to send info to my efax, then I save it to their dropbox in the correct folder. I also set up each clients folders as a filing system so we are all going green!!! And guess what it’s FREE for up to 2gb (so invite clients and friends and family to get more free space)

    Skype – check me out ‘accountangel’ – is the PERFECT communication tool for working with clients in the states or abroad. I have several clients in Australia and we connect on Skype for their monthly “session” and it FREE need I say more…..

    Google …… well there is SOOOO much to say about Google from Gmail (the BEST email client out there and they are constantly adding more and more space to the inbox capacity) to Google Calendar (I’m speechless as to what to say about Calendar ….. all I can say is WOW) to Google Voice (the official telephone number of Account Angel) to Gtalk (chat with clients, family, friends, kids, spouse whoever and whenever) to Google docs (share documents and edit in real time with documented who did what when) to well I can honestly say that Google is definitely a business owner BEST FRIEND (oh yea did I mention it is FREE) and it integrates with SOOOOOO many other FREE programs like (the BEST FREE CRM system out there) and (a lifesaving scheduling program).

    Those are my top 3 well er 4 or 5 but either way my grandma always taught me “don’t be so quick to spend money sugar, it you search enough I’m sure you can find the same thing if not something better for free”….Gotta LOVE that wisdom 🙂

  57. Seth David

    I have so many tools that I am hard pressed here to chisel it all down to one or three. for blogging and for creating whole websites
    I have many free videos and I also sell full length tutorials online so I just set up a wordpress blog to literally act as the shopping cart and what made this possible was a website that makes it super easy to sell digital (and all) products online. It’s called E-Junkie:
    You can see what I created using WordPress to sell my classes and downloads here:
    I use Drop box to share files with clients and my remote bookkeeping staff:
    I use Adobe Connect for live webinars / training as well as for a support tool to log in with clients and my bookkeepers to train, answer questions, and help out remotely.
    And last but not least, my FAVORITE new tool to keep track of and manage information on my clients, projects, and my ideas is Evernote:
    They just rolled out an update so I need to record a new screencast on this – the new PC version is VASTLY improved both visually and functionally.
    Wait!! 2 more quick ones:
    Skype (you can find me there at ‘NerdEnterprises’
    And I think Rebecca mentioned Google Calendar – I have a shared calendar with each bookkeeper so I am apprised of all appointments with my clients. It works really well and it’s so easy to use PLUS it is web based making it easy to access from anywhere. It also helps that I have a Droid phone because the exact same calendars complete with the color coding Ive assigned show up on my phone. Same with Google Contact.

    Oh I could go on all day about this stuff!! Thanks Michelle!

  58. Sheryl Theis

    One of my favorite tools to work with is the QuickBooks Remote access; this tool enables me to work on a Clients file no matter where they are located. Another helpful tool is the Intuits pay by cell phone, quick, easy and convenient.

  59. Dawn Brigman

    Logmein is definitely one of my favorites.
    I love Outlook to help keep me organized. PayPal has been great for collecting deposits for remote clients. Carbonite is my first choice for online backup. And, Roboform is great for keeping track of all your passwords in an encrypted format.

  60. Cheryl

    File Sharing:
    SharePoint; CyberCabinet; Evault

    Document Management/Storage:
    SmartVault; Carbonite; CyberCabinet

    QB Hosting/Cloud Commuting:
    SmartValut; goggle search (lots of options out there)

    LinkedIn Groups:
    Search QuickBooks and meet professionals in your area.
    or Create your own group to help others, etc.

    Search for FREE Webinars and there are those out there that offer CPE too. (e.g. The Sleeter Group)


    Sync email accounts so you can work as you travel

    Checkout “Postbox” email online to add multiple emails

    Join local Business Professional Group in your local area & develop rapport with IT professionals to keep current on technology for more ways to grow your business

  61. Inger Stephens

    I’m really looking forward to using the new Batch Invoicing. I do billing for a client who runs a pool service business. Now when we bill for seasonal items, we can save a lot of time. Thank you Intuit!

  62. Marnie

    I feel a bit behind the times reading some of these posts! I just signed up for and dropbox. I’m a bit confused as to how dropbox works (I assume both computers need to have the application installed) but it seems like a lot of people have good success with it, especially when combined with logmein.

    I use gotomypc with one of my remote clients and I use webex for the other. The webex fee is very reasonable; my only complaint is, for example, when I’m reconciling, I have to position my mouse to be slightly lower than what I see on my screen. Otherwise I check the wrong transaction. It’s very easy to check the wrong thing!

  63. Fuji Vorseth (Luv2doQB)

    I thought the Intuit website builder was a great tool! I am not computer savvy but was able to create a good website on my own. It also provides my own email address with my website. I was able to choose an easy email address – great for my clients to remember my email address.

  64. Lou Haskel

    Being able to sync my email and calendar to my cell phone is an important part of my practice. I encourage my clients to email me when they have QB issues and I can help no matter where I am. My phone also has a remote desktop application built into my phone so I can access my desktop from the road.

  65. Dianna G

    Using QuickBooks Accountant edition is important for accountants who want to send changes back to their clients. I have worked with several accounting office who do no realize that you can not open an accountants copy without the QuickBooks Accountants edition. This can cost you time and billing problems because then you have to contact your client again and tell them what kind of file to send you instead of an accountants copy. Clients also like that they do not have to enter the changes in that you have created for them because some of them do not understand how to enter journal entries.

  66. Rebecca Tervo

    Tools I use in my business:

    Dropbox to share info with VA’s and clients

    Gotomeeting and Gotowebinar for teaching online QuickBooks classes

    Business Data Access to have a client’s QuickBooks file hosted online so I have easy access

    Aweber to stay in touch with my community

    Google Docs and Google Calendar to share information easily with VA’s and class participants

    Doodle for appointment scheduling online

    Wishlist Member to manage my members of my online training products

    WordPress for my website

    I could go on and on….I’ve learned tons over the past year about technology!

  67. Judy Jackson

    Michelle had a very interesting and informative session. I usually hate sitting thru training sessions but this was different. I can say that I actually learned a lot of information in this session. I am eager to start using these new features.

  68. Janelle Kimball

    I use to access clients files remotely. I use, and Google Docs to share files. I use Fujitsu ScanSnap to scan documents for storage because I am working toward a paperless office. I use Carbonite for online backups. I could not live without my iPhone. I can easily access my calendar, email, QuickBooks, maps, and even talk on the phone using my iPhone. I use several Google Apps for time management and tracking projects, i.e. CQueues and Manymoon.

  69. Doug Guard

    One tool that I am really becoming a fan of is Constant Contact. Not only do you have access to the statistics, you actually find out who opened your email! Plus, they have a cool iphone app that allows you to add contacts on the fly and view your reports – right on your phone.

  70. Karen

    File Share: They have a free service which has worked great for me

    QuickBooks Tools:
    01 Transaction Pro Importer and Exporter by Baystate Consulting

    Phone Apps:
    East Tether for Android

    Remote Support:
    I just started using to log in remotely to client’s computers

    Do a search of QuickBooks to see what is happening currently

    LinkedIn Groups:
    Amazing how many smart people belong to these groups

    QuickBooks Blogs:
    There are so many blogs out there maintained by QuickBooks Consultants. I am continually learning new things and getting new ideas. There are too many to mention.

    Intuit Podcasts;
    Short and to the point very informative.

    Also Michelle thank you for your website and LinkedIn groups!