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Intuit Community Forums

Create an Effective Profile

It is surprising how many people do not complete their profile for the Intuit Community Forums. The forums are a great resource for both users posting questions and contributors providing answers. Completing your profile can enhance the benefit you receive from the community forums. Let’s consider it for both the user and the contributor.

When someone reads a question posted by a user, it may be helpful if they could go to your profile to get some additional information and insight about your business. This can help them offer a better answer or suggestion for you. Also, users often request to be contacted, but fail to complete the contact information in their profile. (You should not include contact information in the post itself.) For example, profile information you should complete includes:

Michelle Long speaking at a conference in San Diego

· Line of business
· Description of your business
· Years in business
· Top selling product or service
· Website
· Best way to contact you
· Fun facts about yourself (optional)

In addition to the above information, if you are a contributor on the community forums and an accounting professional, then you should also complete information on your accounting practice, including:

· Professional designations
· Services provided
· Products supported
· Industries served

By contributing answers you are demonstrating your knowledge to others and often they may want to contact you for additional help or consulting. Contributing on the forums is a great way to enhance your reputation and get some new clients. You want to make it easy for people to find out more about your practice and to contact you. It is against the community rules to post links to your website in your posts, but you can post a link to your profile instead (which can include a link to your website).

So invest a few minutes of your time, complete (or update) your profile and enhance the benefit you receive from the community forums!