QuickBooks Tip: Report of Bank Deposits with Total

QuickBooks Tip: Report of Bank Deposits with Total

QuickBooks FAQs: Help!  How can I create a report that will show all bank deposits with a total for a specific month? If I go to Reports > Banking > Deposit Detail to get a report of deposits for the month there isn’t a total.  I can export the report to Excel to calculate a total, but isn’t there an easier way to get the report from QuickBooks?  Yes there is an easier method and I’ll show you how to do it.  As usual in QuickBooks, there is more than one way to get the report, but here’s an easy method to get a report of monthly deposits with a total.

1.  Go to Reports > Custom Transaction Detail Report

2.  Change the date to This Month (or the dates you need)

3.  On the Filters tab:

  • Select Account — Checking (or all banking accounts or the accounts desired)
  • Transaction Type — Deposits

QuickBooks Report of Monthly Deposits

On the report, I used the Header/Footer tab to change the name of the report to ‘Monthly Deposits’ and I eliminated some empty columns (Num, Name & Clr).  You could also memorize this report for future use.

I hope this QuickBooks tip helps provide you with the information you need quick & easy!


18 thoughts on “QuickBooks Tip: Report of Bank Deposits with Total

  1. Suzanne

    I followed the insructions and the report came up but for some reason, I’m getting a zero for a total. Anyone have an idea as to why?

  2. Chirs Bertolini

    This report does not include deposits made through credit card payments.

  3. Paula

    I followed you directions. The date keeps reverting to custom and it lists every deposit with the date and not by total for that day. I don’t understand. I have Quick Books 2011. Confused

  4. Teresa

    How do I get sub totals by class? When I did your report adding class, it doesn’t seem to recognize the class.

    1. Michelle Long Post author

      You can’t get subtotals with this report and I’m not surprised the classes don’t work. Read QuickBooks Help to learn more about the Balance Sheet by Class and how classes work for balance sheet accounts — it isn’t perfect or seamless.

  5. Izzi

    Thank you so much! Exactly what I was looking for and took no time to locate this article and create document. Thanks for helping me out while in a time crunch. Now why QB does not have this report already generated is beyond me but now I know and this is going in the Memorized category.
    Thanks again and have a good one…



    1. Michelle Long Post author

      This blog post shows how to get a report of monthly deposits with a total. To get a report of checks written, follow the same procedure but for Transaction type select all types of checks (including bill payments, payroll liabilities, etc.). You could also go to the chart of accounts, right click on the checking account and select QuickReport. Then, you could filter for the transactions types as needed.

  7. Karen

    This is great and just in time. I have an existing client that changed from PeachTree to Quickbooks this year. The bookkeeper is having issues with what Quickbooks can or cannot do compared to PeachTree. To optimize Quickbooks, she’ll have to enter transactions without using JEs for most of it. Not only do I have an excellent resource for my own self, but now I can share this information with her so she gets more comfortable using Quickbooks, one of the best accounting systems I’ve used.

  8. MJPettus

    This report is very useful in reconciling one of my clients bank rec. Thank you so much!

  9. Nilesh Baxi

    I like it but why memo says deposit and not actual detail if any. (May be Memo field is blank)

  10. Jeff

    What a great tip. I was looking for a simple way to do this. Thank you for sharing and I really find your blog an informative source of information.

  11. Connie Whittemore

    You could also get a Quick Report on the checking account from the COA and filter the same way. That report eliminates the step of having to filter for the specific account and it does show fewer columns but the end result is the same. The Quick Report can also be formatted in whatever way the user would like and then memorized.

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  13. faye

    you are an angel to share your knowledge with others. thank you lady!

    I hope your day is a good one