QuickBooks Advanced Certified ProAdvisor Exam and Training Updated and Now Available

QuickBooks Advanced Certified ProAdvisor Exam and Training Updated and Now Available

The updated QuickBooks Advanced Certification exam (V3) and training are now available in the ProAdvisor course locker.  To gain access to the exam and training, you must be certified in the three most current  years of QuickBooks (currently 2010, 2011 and 2012).  There are many benefits to earning the Advanced Certification as noted on the website:

Benefits of Advanced Certification

The QuickBooks Advanced Certification Program is designed to deepen the expertise of ProAdvisors who are already knowledgeable in QuickBooks, and distinguish these “QuickBooks experts” as highly proficient in this field.

When you become a Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, you get the following additional benefits:

  • Access to the Advanced Certification logo
  • Improved ranking on the Find-a-ProAdvisor site
  • Better Discounts for you and your clients
  • Diamond Technical Support

A Few Key FAQs about the Updated Advanced Certification

  • You only have to pass the Advanced Certification Exam once.  If you are currently Advanced Certified, you do not have to take the exam again.  You do need to complete the Advanced Continuing Education (ACE) courses to renew your Advanced Certification.
  • You have 6 tries to pass the Advance Certified Exam v3.  If you don’t pass within 6 attempts, then you have to wait one year to try again.
  • The Advanced Certified Exam v2 will be available until June.
  • The updated exam has about 2/3 of the questions from the old exam  (V2) and about 1/3 new questions.  The level of difficulty should be comparable.
  • More details and FAQs are provided on the ProAdvisor website under Certifications — Advanced.

Comments about Advanced Certification

The Advanced Certification Exam is a hands on test.  For many of the questions, you will need to download files (either QuickBooks or Excel files) and work with them to answer the questions.  You should watch the recorded webinar and use the course manual to help answer the question (i.e. follow the methods in the manual and webinar to answer the questions).  It is not an easy exam and requires some knowledge of bookkeeping/accounting in addition to QuickBooks knowledge.

Remember it is an individual exam — not a group test.  Also, to maintain the integrity of the exam, do not share or provide answers to other people.  Please do not ask me to help you — I will just refer you to the webinar and manual.

Tips to Help with the Advanced Certification

Follow these tips to help you efficiently complete the Advanced Certification:

  • Login to the course locker, into the Advanced Certification Exam and print the test questions.  It does not count as an attempt until you click to ‘submit’ your answers.  Note:  You need to use a screen capture like Jing, SnagIt, Windows Snipping Tool, or Print Screen and paste it to a Word Doc.  I recommend one question per page.
  • Refer to the test questions and work on them as you go through the webinar and course manual.
  • Write your answers on the questions and make notes about anything you were unsure about or your assumptions.  This will help you if you get it wrong.
  • Remember to follow the procedure or method in the course manual or webinar.
  • Read the question carefully. Some questions say enter zero or leave it blank — pay attention to these details.  Focus only on the topic and question provided.  You are working with sample files and you don’t need to look for or work on other things in the file.  Focus on the specific question only.

I encourage you to earn the Advanced Certification.  It will help you learn more about QuickBooks, troubleshooting and more.  Plus, it helps you on the Find-a-ProAdvisor website.  Remember to follow the methods discussed in the course manual and webinar!  Good Luck and Get Certified!



17 thoughts on “QuickBooks Advanced Certified ProAdvisor Exam and Training Updated and Now Available

  1. Katherine A Yanes

    I am having trouble with this question:

    Which categories can be included on each target line? class location customer or none?

  2. Barbara Brown

    Looking for additional resources to read/watch/review. I only have one more attempt for Data Files. I have watched and read all there is from QBs and Michelle……Hours and hours…..to no avail….. Any ideas? I’m not a quitter but it looks like I won’t pass without additional resources.

  3. Dennis Rarick

    Hi Michelle!

    Unfortunately, I was not able to pass the Adv Cert Test this year :(‘

    You are correct, It is a very challenging exam!

    I was wondering if you can offer any other training resources that I may study to get prepared for next year attempt?

    Thank you,


    1. Michelle Long Post author

      Dennis I’m sorry to hear you didn’t pass this time. You need to use the materials provided because you need to follow the methodology in the training materials. Also, make sure to follow the tips provided and do not over-think questions or make them harder.

  4. Nancy Labrie

    Hi Michelle, I just took the advance certification exam. Took 4 tries but I ended up passing. I worked long and hard on the questions. I want to know the answers to the questions I missed. The questions I missed were #2,16 and 21. You can email me directly so the answers are not posted on the website.

  5. Roberta Holleman

    Dear Michelle,
    Did I miss something? I passed the first Advanced Certified exam and I took the updates a couple of years ago. I have been very busy and did not check my status nor remember receiving warnings. Now I am Gold status instead of Diamond. Is that because I have not yet taken the exam #3 ? Is that an update or another awful experience like the first one! I did not think I had to ? Help!

  6. Bev

    Michelle, I’m new to the Pro Adviser Certification experience. I watched your youtube video about techniques to pass the exam. You mention printing out the certification questions first. When I enter the exam there are five questions and a print button. You cannot advance until you answer the 5 questions. There is a print button that allows you to print the 5 questions on the screen but not go beyond the first 5 questions. Am I missing something? Thank-you!

  7. Paula

    Hi Michelle,

    I have attempted the advanced exam 4 times now, leaving me only 3 more attempts. I was advanced certified before, but I never had the time to do the ACE and am now clearly paying for it!

    I am stuck on the same questions over and over again, I follow the manual to a T, read the questions aloud, re-read them, etc. I am extremely frustrated and I don’t know where to go to find the specific “techniques” to get these questions correct once and for all.

    I’ve followed both the manual and the webinar, one will say one thing, while the other may not have the exact same information. What is the most accurate resource for me to use?

    I am extremely proficient in QB and I find this exam unfair at times.

    Thank you,

  8. Marina

    I am started the v3 Exam and realised that the supportive files are outdated. There are no records for 2015-2016 periods and some questions missing the filles. I assume that those files are for v2 Exam. Anyone tried taking the exam? Where can I download v3 files?

    1. Michelle Long Post author

      Join the ProAdvisor Program (http://proadvisor.intuit.com) and pass the certification exam. There are several optional training courses to help you prepare for it and you have 6 tries to pass. The 2011 certification will be available until about the end of June. I’d recommend you do it first and then the 2012 certification.

  9. Lynda Artesani

    Glad they revised this test, Michelle. One more tip to add to the above is to read each question thoroughly. I would actually read them out loud and slowly. It is easy to interpret the question one way, when it is meant to be another way (at least that was my experience). Don’t be discouraged if you fail as it took many of us more than one try at this test to pass it. Like Michelle said it is a difficult test but it is worth the time to pass it.