Intuit’s New Concept for QuickBooks Find a ProAdvisor Website

Intuit’s New Concept for QuickBooks Find a ProAdvisor Website

I was thrilled to be invited to attend the Intuit ProLine Productivity Expo and Accountant 2020 Think Tank.   Intuit shared with us some products and services that are in the concept stage, beta testing or commercially available already for QuickBooks Accounting, Payroll, Payments, Tax, Practice Management and Practice Growth.

Intuit continues to work on products and services to help improve the productivity of accounting professionals, QuickBooks ProAdvisors, tax professionals, bookkeepers and consultants.  I’ll share some of the things I learned about with you in several blog posts so make sure to read the other posts too.  In particular, watch for these two concepts in a blog post soon:

  • QuickBooks Shared Books – “a way for accounting professionals to instantly access the client’s most updated, “master” QuickBooks files at any time without the client’s involvement.”  I’m working with the Product Manager and development team as part of the ‘Accountant Posse’ on QuickBooks Shared Books.  I would love to share your comments and suggestions with the team but understand I cannot provide many details (I’m under NDA).  I’m REALLY excited about it and I think it will be awesome!
  • QuickBooks Online for Accountants– “unique time saving tools just for accounting professionals supporting their QuickBooks Online clients.”

    Michelle Long and Rich Walker, Intuit Director - Accounting Professionals Division Communications, Media Relations, and Social Media

This post is about the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program, in the area of Practice Growth: Accountant Client Matching is currently in the Prototype Phase.  According to Intuit, “Accountant Client Matching would aim to provide Certified ProAdvisors with a greater number of qualified leads through the Find a ProAdvisor website.  It also aims to ensure that small business owners are highly satisfied with their ProAdvisors and with the website experience.”

Intuit is trying to improve the matching of QuickBooks users with Certified ProAdvisors so it is mutually beneficial.  Intuit’s Ian Vacin discussed how they are trying to match the needs of QuickBooks users searching for help with the needs of Certified ProAdvisors who want qualified leads and referrals. Depending on the size and nature of the business, the QuickBooks user may prefer an Advanced Certified ProAdvisor with many years of experience or they may prefer a newer Certified ProAdvisor with presumably lower billing rates.  Intuit would like the matching process to provide better matches and more qualified leads for Certified ProAdvisors.

Here’s a video of Intuit’s Ian Vacin describing the concept of Accountant Client Matching.

From my perspective, I like what Intuit is trying to accomplish with the Accountant Client Matching.  It would be nice to receive fewer calls from QuickBooks users who may not be a good match for me.  I think it would be nice if they can filter the search results to better match their needs.  For example, someone who is looking for a Certified ProAdvisor with low billing rates wouldn’t be a good match for me (I’m a CPA, Advanced Certified with many years of experience so I have higher billing rates).  I would rather they be matched up with another Certified ProAdvisor who is a better match for them (presumably someone newer would have lower billing rates).  This would save my time and would provide leads and referrals to newer Certified ProAdvisors to benefit them as well.  I see it as a win-win-win for everyone.  Ian mentioned several times that they really do want to hear comments and feedback to help them ‘get it right’.  What are your thoughts?

6 thoughts on “Intuit’s New Concept for QuickBooks Find a ProAdvisor Website

  1. Martin Meyer

    I believe QuickBooks is on the right track here, but I have a problem with matching rates for services. One I believe this might violate some Federal trade laws, however I go believe using a rate range would take care of this issue rather than posting actual rates.

    The other thing this might benefit those of us who have been ProAdvisors for a number of years and have not received referrals from the find a PA website. I live in an area where there is a high concentration of PA’s and this makes it difficult for us to get referrals.

    I know that those of us who have been at this longer will charge higher rates than those who are newer.

    1. Michelle Long Post author

      @Martin — I think my example caused some confusion. They wouldn’t be asking for or matching billing rates or posting any rates or anything like that. My example was the user could select someone with more or less experience based on their needs and preferences. The user could assume that the billing rates would be higher for someone with more experience and credentials. Does that help clarify it?

  2. Donna Kozarovich

    I like this idea. I have been a Proadvisor for almost a year now and have only received 1 email from it. But someone else replied first so he got the lead. Rates actually weren’t even mentioned at that time. If rates were included as a criteria for selection, I would suggest that ranges are used so there won’t be any price competition with other local proadvisors.

    I live 10 miles away from the zip code source so I am not where people perceive my location to be. Could a more refined location criteria be an option?

  3. Jo Ellen Peters

    I’m just wondering when Intuit chooses for the client, is one of the criteria the amount they are willing to pay? I don’t have my billing rate in my profile, is there even anywhere to put a billing rate? I would like it if this was the case, then maybe I could be more competitive in my area.

  4. Tap Titherington

    As a newer Certified ProAdvisor, I do use lower rates, so Intuit is right on in that area. But I agree with Reesa (above) that I’d be worried about not being included in a search because I’m new. I have 2010 and am about to get 2011. I have to wait another year to get 2012 so I can go for the Advanced Certification. (wish I’d understood that better when 2009 was still available to get certified for).
    I have decades of experience converting and merging accounting systems, as well as doing training and trouble shooting for them. Because of this, I feel further along than someone who just started last year with 2010 certification, and previously had been a bookkeeper or even an accountant.
    I hope INTUIT will take into account more than just the certifications when they are matching clients with ProAdvisors.
    Tap Titherington

  5. Reesa McKenzie

    QB Shared Books sounds very promising! One of the biggest challenges I have with clients for whom I do remote work is how to keep their books updated without a big hassle. I just can’t justify the cost of hosting to my clients in this economy where we must do more with less. So hopefully they will get this right, and I’m sure they will with your input! I look forward to reading more about this.

    On the fence about a matching feature on the FAPA website. As a newer PA only certified in 2009-2011, I would be worried about not being included in a search/pick. Those factors alone do not reflect my abilities or knowledge. I do like the idea of asking what they need, then sending the client info to us to contact. I think users would prefer this rather than having to call us.

    Great info, thanks Michelle.