QuickBooks 2013 – R4 Update – Color for the Icon Bar and More

QuickBooks 2013 – R4 Update – Color for the Icon Bar and More

QuickBooks 2013 received numerous changes in appearance and not all were popular with users.  In another blog post, I discussed several of the changes in appearance and I shared poll results of people’s opinions of the changes.  Many people commented here, in my Linkedin Group, in the Intuit Community Forums and elsewhere about things they did not like in QuickBooks 2013.

Intuit has listened to the feedback from users and made some changes in the R4 update for QuickBooks 2013. According to Kim Amsbaugh, Accountant Communications and Media Relations for Intuit:  “Adding these enhancements and ability to set these visual preferences certainly reflects the feedback we heard from small business and accounting customers. One of our goals as a company is to provide “awesome” products (yes, we use the word “awesome”) and one way to do that is to listen to customer feedback and input, which we do extensively during product development as well as incorporate via updates after launch.”

Here’s a quick video I made showing how to change the color of the top icon bar, add a colored flag to the title bar, and Windows 8 compatibility with QuickBooks 2013.

As I indicate in the video, right now you can manually download the R4 update.  Here’s the link  http://support.quickbooks.intuit.com/Support/ProductUpdates.aspx

It should be an automatic update (i.e. QuickBooks will prompt you to update) next week (about Dec. 12, 2012).


13 thoughts on “QuickBooks 2013 – R4 Update – Color for the Icon Bar and More

  1. Jay Shah

    Thanks for the video.
    Somehow it is not sharp image and gets worse if I do full screen.
    You may want to check your recording setting. Which screencast software do you use?
    Jay Shah

    1. Michelle Long Post author

      I used Snagit to record it. When I watch it, it is clear for me. You can click to watch it on YouTube too. What browser are you using? Almost 200 people have watched it and no one else has indicated that it isn’t clear.

  2. Ken Bostrom

    After logging out of QuickBooks and logging back in, the menus were back to original (2013 style) and my Preference option for the flag was back.

    Spooky! :c)

  3. Ken Bostrom

    FYI: I just uploaded R4 for 2013. I played with the Flag, and new color settings on the Top Row Icons.

    I set the flag to NO FLAG. I turned the Icons back to the left.

    The Top Title bar moved back over to be Left Justified (Not Centered) and is back to transparent instead of Black. The Menu bar is now blue and grey, instead of Black and white. In Desktop Preferences, the FLAG option is now gone.

    I have sent this off to Intuit.

    Thank you for all you do.

  4. A.M. Asaraf, CPA

    THANK YOU Michelle
    when will these programmers learn if it ain’t broker.. well you know the rest

  5. Casey

    Grrr, I have tried 3 times now, to do the manual update for R4, and it won’t work. I followed the direction to DL, then re-boot, then open QB, and I still have R3. any idea why this is?

  6. Laura Naff, CPA

    Thank you for the update and current information. Thank you for keeping us current on changes.