Top 10 QuickBooks Technical Support Questions

Top 10 QuickBooks Technical Support Questions

QuickBooks Technical Support receives calls on a variety of topics from people who need help with QuickBooks.  This is the Top 10 Technical Support Questions for March, 2011 along with a link to the relevant Knowledge Base (KB) article. “The more QuickBooks ProAdvisors know, the better they can serve their clients. Keep on sharing the info!” says Rich Walker, Director – Accountant Communications, Media Relations and Social Media at Intuit.

Top 10 QuickBooks Technical Support Questions – March, 2011

This can help you serve your QuickBooks clients when they need help.  When you click the link, it will provide you with the relevant Knowledge Base (KB) article for details about each topic.  KB articles are a great resource when you have questions and need help with QuickBooks.

  1. How ProAdvisors Obtain QuickBooks 2011 License NumbersHelp - QuickBooks Technical Support
  2. QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool
  3. Downloading QuickBooks products from the Internet
  4. Obtaining a Validation Code
  5. Registering QuickBooks
  6. Converting QuickBooks Company Files Between Mac and Windows
  7. Error Opening Accountant’s Copy File
  8. Balance Sheet out of Balance
  9. Multiple computers receive error H101, H202, H303, or H505 when opening the company file
  10. Unable to reconcile accounts or to create, print, or email .pdf files

Thanks to Amy Vetter, Intuit Key Account Manager who works with Intuit’s Technical Support team to provide this list for a blog on

The Technical Support Directory for Intuit Products allows you to search for KB articles to help you quickly and efficiently locate information to help you or your clients.  The Directory includes links for accounting professionals and QuickBooks users:

There are links to other useful resources here as well.  Resources for QuickBooks consultants and accounting professionals and business owners.  Links to resources include:  average billing rates survey, sample engagement letters and business plans, marketing and more.

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11 thoughts on “Top 10 QuickBooks Technical Support Questions

  1. Barbara Cabrera

    I need to apply sales tax AND ABC liquor tax on invoices for my client’s Bar. But there is only one taxing box at the bottom of each invoice. Is there a way to have 2 tax calculations on an invoice???
    I set up a Tax-group, is this correct???
    Is this the ONLY way???

    ALSO,… I am posting daily sales from his POS receipts. And only have item (food, N/A Beverage, Beer, etc.) totals, but the daily sales are paid with multiple payment methods, cash and CC. I do NOT have the method of payments by Product Group. How can I receive multiple payment methods on multiple invoices??? Because of different taxing on different Products, I am posting a daily invoice for Food and another one for Liquor. But I have multiple payments methods that pay them bth. I want to apply multiple payment methods to 2 different invoices???

    1. Michelle Long Post author

      You can’t have 2 different sales tax rates on one invoice. You’ll either need a 3rd party app or enter 2 invoices.

      When you receive payment — you can apply to as many open invoices for the customer as needed.

  2. Prafull

    I have created opening balances in QB12 as of 31st Dec’12 but my balance sheet is not matching
    a. some how there is -ve balance showing up in 30th Dec in inventory asset and inventory offset account which is actually the total difference

  3. Keith Yeager

    I need help finding out how to reset my reconciliation on my one account. It is 2 months ahead…….I want to bring it back to Jan 31st 2012 and start my reconciliation over. I have Quickbooks 2003…….How can I accomplish this? Thanks

    1. Michelle Long Post author

      In the Bank Reconciliation window, click on Undo Last Reconciliation (and do it as many times as needed). I can’t remember if this feature was available in 2003 or not. (P.S. You should update QuickBooks. QB Pro 2012 has been on sale for about $100 – $140 lately).

  4. Wm Archer & Sons Inc

    I have to transfer two quickbook Accts. to my new Computer. The last time I did this I had a lot of trouble. My old computer is HP as is my new one. The old one isHP pavilion and the new one is HP 2211X
    I have a lot of info as I use Quick Books for my pay roll.
    Can you walk me through this transaction?
    I have been a client of Quick book for many yrs.
    Bill Archer

    1. Michelle Long Post author

      @Bill — create a backup file on the old computer, copy it to a flash (USB) drive. Then, copy the file to the hard drive of the new computer. In QuickBooks, go to File > Open or Restore > Restore a Backup file and select the file. You can find more info & details in QB Help or

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  6. Brenda E

    Thanks for posting this nicely compiled list. It will be very handy to have in one convenient location.