QQube Version 5.1 Released

QQube Version 5.1 Released

QQube™ 5.1 – the most complete data warehouse for QuickBooks – has been released.

According to founder Chuck Vigeant M.Ed., ‘this is the most efficient, most powerful release to date.  We made over 60 improvements, additions, and fixes from version 5.0 including refresh algorithms that are up to 90% faster in certain cases.  This was an ambitious agenda for the last two months, and we succeeded.’  ‘We were excited about the 5.0 release, but soon realized that we needed to make improvements to make it a better customer experience.’ 

Audit Trail, Sales Tax, and 52/53 Tax Year capabilities have been beefed up; Excel PowerPivot 2013 is now supported out of the box; one button refresh capability for all PowerPivot versions – and a host of other additions.

For details on this version, please visit the newly designed CLEARIFY® community:  http://community.clearify.com/articles/product/58/qqube-version-5-1-release-details

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