New Book – How to Start a Home-Based Bookkeeping Business

New Book – How to Start a Home-Based Bookkeeping Business

Are you a CPA, accountant, bookkeeper, QuickBooks ProAdvisor or tax professional?  Do you want to start your own business?  Are ready to go on your own but are a little nervous? Have you recently started your own practice but need help with marketing ideas or other areas?  How to Start a Home-Based Bookkeeping Business has everything you need to know to start and run a profitable and satisfying business from your home.

How to Start a Home Based Bookkeeping Business is a comprehensive guide which takes you through every aspect of setting up and running a thriving home-based bookkeeping business, from estimating your start-up costs and finding clients to being on top of financial considerations, establishing an online presence, and staying profitable.  Whether you’re just starting to learn the trade or are an experienced accountant or bookkeeper looking to be your own boss, this guide will help you build your own successful business.

Look for useful charts and worksheets throughout the book, including:How to Start a Home Based Bookkeeping Business

  • Home Office Checklist
  • New Entity Setup Checklist
  • Business Entity Selection Guide
  • Create Your Own Mailing or Contact Lists
  • Sample Engagement Letters
  • Sample Business Plan with Industry Statistics
  • Questions to ask New or Potential Clients
  • Client Setup Checklist for QuickBooks Setups
  • Guidance on Setting Billing Rates and Policies (an Average Billing Rates)
  • and much more

How to Start a Home-Based Bookkeeping Business is now available on Amazon and should be in local book stores soon!  Note:  The official publication date is June 1 so the Amazon Search Inside, complete description and other features should be working and completed soon.

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UPDATE:  Wow!  Thanks to everyone who ordered my new book!  Check this out:

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4 thoughts on “New Book – How to Start a Home-Based Bookkeeping Business

  1. Jeannie Crook

    I need help deciding which of your books to get. I’ve had a very small home-based bookkeeping business for 15 years so I don’t really need help with the home office checklist, business plan, that sort of thing. I just started with the ProAdvisor program last year and I’d like to get into more of the client set-up and consulting. I’m particularly interested in learning more about the technological aspects of running a QuickBooks consulting business, such as remote access, cloud hosting, online presence, etc. I was thinking that your first book might better suit my needs, but since it was published four years ago and technology changes so fast, would the current book be better? I’m not even sure which book deals more with that aspect. Which book would you recommend, this new one, or your QuickBooks Consulting book?

    1. Michelle Long Post author

      Jeannie —

      Neither book covers using QuickBooks remote access or hosting in depth. If you join my Linkedin group, there is a current discussion about hosting QuickBooks with some good comments from various people. For Remote access, go to the videos on my website for a quick video about it. Currently I like TeamViewer or Logmein Free for remote access but the principle is the same as using QuickBooks remote access (discussed in the video). My new book does discussion creating an online presence for your business. It also includes client questionnaires, set up checklists, a session form and more.

  2. Chris

    I just got the book last night from Amazon. I have looked through it, and it is very comprehensive. The charts and checklists will be very helpful. Looking forward to implementing some ideas and get my business running with actual clients!