Important Info for QuickBooks ProAdvisors about Certifications and More

Important Info for QuickBooks ProAdvisors about Certifications and More

I wanted to share some information with QuickBooks ProAdvisors based on many comments and discussions I’ve noticed in various groups and on social media.   Hopefully this will help save you some time and I’ll share some tips that may help.  Plus, I share some other news and updates too.

First, I’m impressed with Intuit’s investment and commitment to accounting professionals.  They continually listen to us and invest in training and tools specifically to help us serve our clients.  However, with changes and improvements, sometimes there are some bumps along the way.  

Intuit is migrating / updating the ProAdvisor website and course locker.  As a result, many people are experiencing some problems or issues and Intuit is working on it.  Some problems I’m seeing people mention and some tips that might help include:

Certification exams not working / loading properly

  • Make sure you’re using a recommended browser
  • Enable/allow pop-ups
  • Clear the cache & cookies
  • Login via incognito (or private) mode

After passing a certification, it’s not showing you passed 

  • Wait at least a few days before contacting support (and using chat for support may be faster than calling)
  • Always take a screen shot of your test scores so if there is a problem you can provide proof for support to fix it

Find a ProAdvisor website — people can’t add a review at this time and some other issues

  • Check and update your profile periodically to confirm you are still listed and things are accurate

Keep in mind, Intuit is trying to make things better for us and they are working on it.

QuickBooks Online  (QBO) Advanced Certification

I’ve seen many comments, complaints and feedback about the new QBO Advanced certification and  I agree about the need for partial credit and problems with some questions.   QuickBooks Online Advanced Certified

Intuit is listening and there will be some changes and modifications to the QBO Advanced Certification exam.   If you want to work on the Advanced certification, you can go through the training guide and recordings to learn the material and prepare for the exam.  However, I suggest you do NOT submit answers for the exam until further notice.  If you want to look at or work on some of the questions, keep in mind they may or may not be revised or changed.  Thus, you may just want to focus on the training materials and not spend time on the questions right now.

QB Power Hour

Keep up to date with news, announcements,  advanced discussions about QuickBooks desktop, QuickBooks Online, 3rd party apps and resources to help you grow your practice and more!  The webinars are free and you can earn 1 hour of free CPE too.  Register and join me (Michelle Long) and Hector Garcia for QB Power Hour webinars.

Not a ProAdvisor Yet?

Why not?  It’s FREE to join the ProAdvisor Program and the QuickBooks Online certification and training are FREE too!

If you want the desktop software, training, certification and support, there is a monthly payment option available.  Details here:

17 thoughts on “Important Info for QuickBooks ProAdvisors about Certifications and More

  1. one8solutions

    I think a lot more than 7 people have passed, there are 3 top advisors in the Boston market that have passed, so I better get my butt in gear and take it!

      1. Susan

        I simply cannot get past module 4 of the QB Online advanced certification. I’m not inept at working in QBO at all, but simply do not understand the questioning, for example, “choose all troubleshooting uses for the Sales by product Summary Report”, and I can drill way down on these reports and do a lot of troubleshooting so I choose a lot of the options in the questions. The questions are so ambiguous and clearly I’m not supposed to check everything I would use in these reports to trouble shoot, because I’ve got the answers wrong 3 times so far. I’m starting to wonder how the test writer defines “troubleshoot”. What happens if I fail the fourth time? Do i have to retake the 3 modules I’ve already passed? I have scoured the training guide and video, but it’s not helpful or even applicable for this series of questions. Should I scale down my definition of the word troubleshoot for these questions? I can use that report, drill down and find out all sorts of things, but that does not yield a correct answer on the exam. I’m frustrated because I can work the heck out of QBO, and help my clients; I just can’t get past this line of questioning. Please help! Thanks!

  2. Mary

    What is the status of the Advanced Online certification test?
    I took time off this week to study intently, and take the test, but now I am worried as I read only (7) people have passed, mostly Intuit people.
    Please advise when you can, and thank you for all of the great training you have put together.

  3. Anna M Fox

    I have to say I am a big fan of Intuit and all that it has allowed me to accomplish professionally. However, I am truly disappointed that the Proadvisor Online certification is now free and allows free software and access. This is not a winning solution for QB, nor Proadvisors. Anyone can now take & pass the online Proadvisor exam and “earn” free software… how does that benefit Intuit or any of the hardworking Proadvisors?

    1. one8solutions

      From what I understand about the new program, only paid ProAdvisors get software, just passing the online version does not get you software and access to desktop support.

      1. Michelle Long Post author

        Yes — if you want the desktop software, training, certification and support, then you need to join the paid ProAdvisor Program.

        The free ProAdvisor Program includes QuickBooks Online Accountant, training, certification and support (i.e. QBO only no desktop).

  4. Roger Meyer

    Michelle, can you answer a question? In QB 2014 for Windows, My bank account reconciles for 12/31/2014. The balance ends with 610.65. But when i hit reconcile now button the reports, both detail and Summary reports never show the number of the balance, “ending in 610.65”. The Ending balance lists the exact register balance. I just noticed this. I even did a reconciliation for one day forward, 1/1/15 and the same thing happened, Nothing with the bank balance “610.65” but the ending balance from the register is correct.

    I work for a Private, non-profit school and dont want to contact Intuit if i can find an easy fix or reason that explains the situation i have with QB 2014 for Win

    1. Michelle Long Post author

      When you reconcile, you are making sure the register balance + or – outstanding checks and deposits ties to the bank balance. These balances are often different. If you reconcile and the difference is zero, then it is ok. The register balance and the bank balance are usually different (due to outstanding transactions which are included in the register balance but not yet in the bank balance).

  5. Barbara Whatley

    Michelle, thank you for your honest public posting about the online advanced certification. I am sorry I wasted my time on such a poorly written and ambiguous test that truly can have multiple answers. I wish I had read your post before investing the time on module one. And, I wasted one submission, in the event Intuit fixes the test.

  6. Lance M.

    Good to know as there are some issues with Question #7. Account names don’t match the expenses listed.

  7. Lynda Artesani

    Thank you, Michelle. I actually only got to section 1 because work has been so busy. I looked at the video, read the associated pdf file. Some of the questions could use a little more clarification. I agree that the longer compound questions should get partial credit. But thank you for the heads up on not submitting answers yet. You are always a great source of information/updates. 🙂