FREE Webinars – Intro to Social Media and Intro to Pivot Tables

FREE Webinars – Intro to Social Media and Intro to Pivot Tables

Michelle Long and Chuck Vigeant are offering you free webinars in December.  Pivot tables provide the most powerful option to analyze business data from a variety of angles and Chuck will help you learn the basics of using pivot tables.  Social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more) is a revolution (watch the video below to see the importance and magnitude) and Michelle will show you the basics to help you get started.  Also, please take a few minutes to complete Michelle’s quick survey to provide general information about yourself and your feedback and comments.  Read more for details on everything. 

Intro to Social Media Free Webinar

If you are ready to get started with social media, join Michelle Long for this free webinar.  You will learn the basics to help you get started with LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.  Social Media is here to stay and it is time for you to get involved.

Watch this video (4 minutes) on Socialnomics by Erik Qualman to see the importance of social media.

In the FREE, one hour webinar you will learn about:

  1. The statistics of social media
  2. Five tips to use LinkedIn effectively
  3. Five tips to use Facebook Effectively
  4. Twitter tips
  5. Six tips for managing social media
  6. Basic comments about blogging
  7. Brief mention of YouTube

Space is limited, register now!   Thursday, December 8 at 11:00 am Central

Download the Intro to Social Media – learning about Linkedin, Facebook & Twitter.

Intro to Pivot Tables Free Webinar

Pivot tables provide the most powerful option to analyze business data from a variety of angles.  However, many people are intimidated by Pivot tables since they have not learned about them yet.  Actually, Pivot tables are easy to use as you will see in this FREE webinar.

I invite you to join Chuck Vigeant, M.Ed. (creator of QQube™ and founder of CLEARIFY℠) as he teaches you six simple components of working with pivot tables, while demonstrating that pivot tables are NOT hard to use.  He will use several frequently requested, real world QuickBooks examples.  Plus Chuck will use his QQube Technology to illustrate the creation of several quick and easy pivot tables that would otherwise take hours using traditional cut/paste/export/combining methods.

In this FREE, one hour webinar you will learn about:

  1. The advantages and disadvantages of pivot tables
  2. Six simple steps to create/use any pivot table
  3. Overview of pivot table options
  4. Where to find more information on pivot tables and advanced topics

Space is limited, register now!  Wednesday, December 14, 11:00 am Central Time

Please Complete Michelle Long’s Quick Survey

Please take 5-10 minutes to complete this quick survey to provide more information about your and the areas and topics you would like to learn more about in the future.  To thank you for your time, there is a link to download the PDF ‘What’s New for You and  Your Clients In QuickBooks 2012′ from Intuit Academy on the last page of the survey. 

Also, if you enter your name and email and subscribe to this blog, you will be entered to win either a ProAdvisor Membership with Enhanced Payroll for Accountants or QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 12.0.  You must complete the survey by December 15, 2011 to be entered in the drawings.

Thank you for providingyour comments and feedback!

12 thoughts on “FREE Webinars – Intro to Social Media and Intro to Pivot Tables

  1. Julie

    Hi Michelle – can you post the pivot table webinar in the evening so I can participate?


    Julie Flobeck

  2. Brenda Gayle Bryant

    I really enjoyed learning more about how to effectively use Social Media to keep in contact with my current clients and to bring in new ones. Good content is always a major part of good training, but the learning has to be understandable, enlightening, and enjoyable. I am happy to saw, YOU DID IT!

  3. Heather Young

    Hi, Michelle. What great topics! In terms of participating — can Canadians join in? If yes, please let me know, as I’d like to join your mailing list for advance notice: on my website, I’m maintaining a professional development calendar for events that would be interesting/useful to managers of arts organizations & charities. Thanks!

    1. Michelle Long Post author

      Heather — yes, people from Canada can register and attend the webinars. Please, subscribe to my blog (enter your email address) so you’ll get updates on future webinars and events and other great info.

  4. Sharon Smith

    Hi Michelle,

    I’m very interested in the Pivot Table webinar, but have a conflict with a client meeting. Will it available later for review? or offered again at a later date?



  5. Nancy Boatright


    Like Tammy, I have a prior commitment too, but would be interested in watching the recording. But I would feel bad signing up for the webinar, knowing that I couldn’t watch it and maybe keeping someone else for seeing it. Are you sure it’s OK to go ahead and sign up?

    1. Michelle Long Post author

      That is so thoughtful Nancy — it should be ok. Space is limited (but it’s a pretty big number and it is short notice & December). 🙂

  6. Tammy Reinhart

    Thank you for offering these free webcasts! Great topics~ Are you planning on having another on of your social media webcasts? I am very interesting in hearing it, however we have training on our tax software that day. Or will you be posting it to listen after the fact.

    Thanks, Tammy

    1. Michelle Long Post author

      Tammy — go ahead and register so you get the follow up email. I will probably record it and post it later. I plan to have more webinars in the future on a variety of topics. 🙂