FREE QuickBooks 2011 Giveaway – Easy to Enter!

FREE QuickBooks 2011 Giveaway – Easy to Enter!

“Make it EASY” says a friend of mine (thanks for the feedback).  He said it’s too confusing!  Fair enough — this is my first big giveaway so I’m learning too!  So, in an effort to simplify things: 

I’m very grateful to Intuit for giving me $8,000 worth of products and services to give away!  I had to figure out how I wanted to give it away and what were my goals in this giveaway (i.e. what’s in it for me?).  This is my chance to bribe people to subscribe, comment and write reviews!  So for a few minutes of your time, you might win something between $400 to $3,000!  Remember I’m giving away QuickBooks Premier 2011 (3), QuickBooks Accountant 2011 (5), QuickBooks Pro for Mac 2011 (2), QuickBooks Enterprise 11.0 (1) and ProAdvisor Membership with Enhanced Payroll for Accountants (1).

To enter the contests, do this:

DONE — entered for a chance to win!   🙂

48 thoughts on “FREE QuickBooks 2011 Giveaway – Easy to Enter!

  1. Kathi Daugherty

    One of my favorite tips I show all my new clients is how to manipulate the iconbar to best suit them. I usually go in and delete most of the default buttons, then I open the windows my client will use most, then click View/Add window to iconbar. Now they have a quick way to open their windows without wasting time navigating the drop-down menus.

  2. Lori DeBerry

    I posted the following review on the Proadvisor Michelle’s Profile page:

    Michelle’s webinar “Common Mistakes Clients Make” was extremely helpful for me. Being new to QuickBooks it gave me a step up on problems to look for in my client’s books.

    Thanks Michelle!

  3. Jack Cole

    Posted on my FaceBook profile!/profile.php?id=1352261896

    Jack Cole
    I’m working on advancing my bookkeeping skills. Michelle Long is a CPA with a wealth of knowledge who is willing to assist others. You can find her on Linkedin at “Successful QuickBooks Consultants / Consulting – Accounting & Bookkeeping–Long for Success”, at her own web site and as a frequent contributor to the AIPB discussion group at
    Long for Success LLC – Michelle L. Long, CPA
    QuickBooks consulting, training, troubleshooting and help; speaker and author, coaching small business owners and entrepreneurs, social media marketing for accounting professionals and bookkeepers
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  4. Linda Radaker

    Posted on “Client Data Review” in the LinkedIn Group:
    I have tried CDR a few times, but I’ve not taken the time to use all of these features. I definitely want to use more of it this tax season. Thanks for the great summary, Michelle!

  5. Linda Radaker

    Posted on “Tools for Success”:
    I use Webex remote access on a regular basis with some of my clients. It has been a huge help, because they can watch what I am doing on their PC. I don’t have to drive an hour to their office to fix the little things anymore, so it helps my productivity.

  6. Lori DeBerry

    Posted on LinkedIn discussion group:

    The client data review is definitely something I need to use. I have a particular client in mind where the books are a mess and wading through everything is very time consuming. Can not wait to give it a try. Thanks Michelle!

  7. Reesa McKenzie

    ProAdvisor review:

    “Michelle is known in the QB world as a “go-to-expert”. You are assured of getting your QB problem resolved quickly while working with her.”

  8. Brenda E

    I thought I posted this link already, but can’t seem to find it.
    I posted the following QB review on You can see it here
    I have been using QuickBooks since 1999 and must say that QuickBooks Accountant 2011 is indeed the best of the bunch. Intuit has outdone themselves this time around. QuickBooks Accountant 2011 is jam-packed with new features and enhancements. Some of my favorites are the new Batch Invoicing (this really helps with billings for my HOA clients); Client Data Review enhancements like the ability to reclassify transactions in batches and matching up unapplied payments and credits (both vendor and customer) save a ton of time; and the ability to have TWO company files open at the same time is another excellent addition.

    QuickBooks Accountant 2011, with its many time-saving tools, is definitely a good investment.

  9. April Riethman

    Thank you for the opportunity to expand and grow with the drawing.

  10. Tina Gosnold, CB

    Reviewed ProAdvisor Membership at Intuit’s website.

    Date: December 13, 2010
    Overall Rating:
    5 out of 5
    5 out of 5
    ProAdvisor Since 2006
    Location: Serving Snohomish, Skagit, and Island Counties, WA
    Firm Size: One
    Years Practiced: 6 to 10
    Practice Growth:
    5 out of 5
    5 out of 5
    5 out of 5
    5 out of 5
    5 out of 5
    5 out of 5
    5 out of 5
    5 out of 5
    The ProAdvisor Membership is a must have for any self employed bookkeeper. I have been a ProAdvisor since 2006. The membership provides QuickBooks Premier Accountant edition for each year you are a member. Though I have done side bookkeeping jobs for many years, I have only been pursuing my bookkeeping business this year. I just signed on with a new client that uses 2007 QuickBooks software… I was able to install my copy provided with my ProAdvisor memebership and I am ready to work on his file from my office. I have also received clients from my ProAdvisor profile. It is always nice to be able to tell potential clients that I am a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, which has become more valuable over the years, due to recognition. I highly recommend becoming a ProAdvisor if you have a bookkeeping or accounting business.
    Specialty: Full Charge Bookkeeping Service, specializing in QuickBooks Software
    Pros: Certification, Find-a-ProAdvisor Listing, QuickBooks Accountant Edition, Technical Support

  11. Tina Gosnold, CB

    I retweeted the contest at my twitter account:


    Batch Invoicing – New in QuickBooks 2011 see how it can save you time and improve efficiency! #QBTIP 4:40 PM Dec 9th via HootSuite Retweeted by you

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    Tina Gosnold, CB

  12. Ina Andonova

    Hi Michelle, you probably already know this but I want to stress that you make a difference in many accountant’s lives. I have just recently joined the industry and I had a myriad of questions and confusions. Your website and blogs are quidance to me and I am lucky to have a chance and be reading them and participating. I came to US 7 years ago because I wanted to build a career and make difference in my own way, you are halping me to make my goal come true.

    Thank you!!!

    P.S. I hope I am lucky this time and win, this will be the best precent for my b’day!

    Here is my facebook post:

    “Very good question..;-) I have 4 goals for the new year. I have been longing to give back to the community and show appreciation so I am getting certified IRS volunteer where I will prepare taxes for free for poor families. My second goal is to become Certified ProAdvisor, third goal is to complete a few more accouting courses that will help me to qualify to sit on the CPA and finally, to actually take my first CPA exam by the end of the year!!!”!/LongforSuccess?v=wall

  13. Jessica Connell

    I do use the CDR and found it to be getting better each year. There are a couple of features I would love to have added to the CDR. One is that the Reclassify Transactions feature include Balance Sheet accounts. The other would be to have Intuit send a notification email when a clients Remove Restrictions for an Accountant’s Copy, the email would be similar to the one received when clients Import Accountant’s Changes. Both of these would be a major help!

  14. Kramer

    Just posted a comment on your facebook post dated Dec 8 at 3:43pm. I posted the following on December 12, 2010 at approximately 9:31pm –

    Michelle – Thank you so much for all of the information you share! I learned so much just going through the list of requirements to enter htis contest. I have recently decided to “jump off the cliff” and go out on my own to do some QB Consulting and bookkeeping. So excited for the opportunity! Your book has been a guiding light for me….I didn’t know where to begin! THanks so much for all you do and the information you share!

  15. Marlene

    Review just posted on your ProAdvisor profile, 5 stars:

    Michelle has been an incredible, helpful source of information for the accounting community, through her book, her website, and participation in groups.

  16. Marlene

    Having a good education and workplace experience has helped immensely, but having a mentor or someone to team up with is still a needed lifeline in freelance work.

    (Posted on “Sharing Keys to Success,” on the ML website and Linked In page.

  17. Joanne Resnick

    One of the hardest steps I have to take in my practice is to find other bookkeepers to hire that will be as dedicated and myself to projects. What is your suggestion on training these individuals and tips on “how do I let go” and trust others?

    I have been using the CDR feature more since I attended the Sleeter Conference in Las Vegas. Thanks Michelle for your guidence.

  18. Sharon Conkey

    What a great resource. I just joined the LinkedIn group and am pleased that I found Michelle.

  19. Wayne Story

    Michelle is my definition of a 5-star “user friendly” consultant !

  20. Paula Kelley

    I am so glad that I found your giveaway because it has led me to discover all of your many great listings, blogs, etc., out there on the web. I am now a member of your various groups, and I know it will benefit me greatly. Thanks for all of your good information through the years.

  21. Mary Miles

    The webinar by Michelle Long: “Preparing for QuickBooks Certification” is a must for anyone taking the certification exam. It provides important information regarding the benefits and value added to your business by obtaining ProAdvisor Certification. In addition, it provides excellent directions for logging into the certification site, navigating within the site and how to access the Certification Course Locker. I highly recommend attending this webinar before beginning the certification course.”

  22. Nancy Faris

    Nancy Faris on December 6th, 2010 8:47 AM

    I’ve never used the client review but I have no excuses any longer. I’m going to watch the webinar and put it to good use. I’m actually excited to get the file open.

  23. Laura Smith

    Quickbooks is a staple for my business and my clients. I look forward to 2011 QBs program and the up coming changes. Thank you Michelle for this post.

    Laura Smith

  24. Lynda Artesani

    Posted on

    5.0 out of 5 stars Buy QuickBooks 2011-you will love the new features!,

    December 4, 2010
    Lynda (Florida) – See all my reviews

    This review is from: QuickBooks Accountant 2011 (CD-ROM)
    As an Advanced ProAdvisor, I can tell you first hand that this year’s changes to QuickBooks is far superior to the prior year’s changes. I love the Batch Invoicing. I have a client who is a condo association. They invoice their dues to 500 homeowners. Prior to QuickBooks 2011, we had to memorize the invoices and when there was an increase in the dues, open each memorized transaction and change them and then re-memorize them. With Batch invoicing, this is no longer necessary. We create the batch group, create the invoice and QuickBooks invoices every customer in the batched group.

    I love the new customer collections center too. There are plenty of places to put notes. You can even select from a group of customers to send a reminder notice that their payment is due.

    There are many other fabulous features. You will not be disappointed when you purchase the newest QuickBooks 2011 product.

    PS And don’t forget with the Accountant’s version, you can toggle to all versions (like Contractors, Non Profit, etc.). Great buy!

  25. Cindi Ebert

    Michelle is one of the most knowledgeable QuickBooks professionals that I’ve worked with, and is always willing to provide her expertise and help. Her book “Successful QuickBooks Consulting” has been a great resource for me. I’ve been a member of the LinkedIn group “Successful QuickBooks Consultants” for over a year and it has been one of my “Go To” places for quality information. Thanks again, Michelle!

  26. Cheryl L

    56. Cheryl L (Your comment is awaiting moderation) on December 2nd, 2010 7:47 PM
    I have been using Quickbooks for the last three years. I enjoy using it and would like to someday like to have my own business as a Quickbooks consultant. Your website has given me knowledge of what steps i need to take.

    Thanks for all you do.

  27. Cheryl L

    Successful QuickBooks Consultants / Consulting – Accounting & Bookkeeping–Long for Success STATUS: Your membership is pending approval.
    Send message to the group manager | Withdraw request

    I just joined with email cheryl . lund at yahoo dot com

  28. Angel Heath

    Thanks Michelle for making this process “simple” you are such a great resource and power partner. Keep up the good work!

  29. Marisa

    Michelle, your LinkedIn Group has provided me with so much GREAT information. I am just starting my business, and I am so glad that I found this group!!! Thank you for all of the information and advice. It’s great to have a group of like minded people who are all working at building a successful accounting and bookkeeping business. And, I am DEFINITELY investing in the QuickBooks ProAdvisor membership…althought, it would be nice if I won the membership :-)…..Thanks!!!!

  30. Shelley Emmons

    As a fairly new ProAdvisor, I am still trying to find what works best for my business in terms of marketing. These discussions are really helpful and I appreciate the collective knowledge that is shared here!

  31. Sonia Rae Warmack

    “Listened to Michelle on Radio Free QuickBooks and she is knowledgeable and very well spoken in all areas QuickBooks related. I hope to hear her speak more often, I always learn something new from her.” December 2, 2010

    Sonia Rae Warmack, Owner, SRW, Inc. dba “The Bookkeeper”

  32. Edna Washington

    Michelle thanks for making this contest available. I could really use the new software, or the ProAdvisor membershp. I passed the contest information along on all my social networking pages. The links are listed below.

    Again, thanks so much!*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1&trk=NUS_UNIU_SHARE-see-more