Use Your iPad or Tablet as a Second (or Third) Monitor with Air Display

Use Your iPad or Tablet as a Second (or Third) Monitor with Air Display

Multiple monitors are GREAT!  It can really help your productivity or allow you to keep up with social media posts on Twitter or Facebook.    Regardless of how you use multiple monitors, when you travel or are away from the office, you really miss the additional monitor.  I love being able to use my iPad as an additional monitor when I travel. 

To use your iPad or Android tablet (like Samsung Galaxy or others) as an additional monitor, you can use an app like Air Display (there are other apps too but always read recent reviews when evaluating apps).  Air Display for iPad costs $9.99 whereas the Android Air Display app is currently on sale for $4.99.

It is well worth the money if you are used to using multiple monitors.  The iPad (or tablet) needs to be on the same network as the computer (Windows or Mac) for Air Display to work.

Note for Windows 8 users — the Air Display app for Windows 8 is currently in Beta testing.  If you want to beta test it and complete the short survey, they will give you the app free when it is launched.

Here’s details with the link to beta test it:

Air Display with Windows 8 support is currently in beta. The beta Air Display drivers have caused conflicts with Microsoft Office 2013 for some of our users, and in some cases has been known to cause Office 2013 to quit unexpectedly.

To participate in the beta, you may download the beta drivers from 

Do you lose your cursor when working with multiple monitors?  I do!

4 thoughts on “Use Your iPad or Tablet as a Second (or Third) Monitor with Air Display

  1. Karen Magno

    I have a Windows 8 machine so hopefully I can beta the product, Air Display, and get the App for free. Thanks so much for sharing this info.

  2. Tammy

    I can’t even begin to imagine the necessary mind-power needed to multi-task like this…I’m having trouble with one computer and an iPhone 🙂

    1. Michelle Long Post author

      LOL! If you’re trying to go paperless, multiple monitors (or a really large one) are necessary. For example, you can have the bank statement on one screen and be reconciling on the other. Or, I’ve got an email with info open on one screen and a tax return on the other. Or, email (or Facebook or Twitter) on one while working on the other.

  3. Elizabeth

    Nice blog. Thanks for sharing.

    I can’t wait to try it. It will be really handy at client sites when I only have my notebook available and I want to reconcile a bank account without having to print the bank statement!