Poll Results on Accounting Data in Cloud

Poll Results on Accounting Data in Cloud

Nearly 1,000 people answered the quick poll question:  Do you now (or would you in the future) have your accounting data ‘in the cloud’?  Choose one of the following to answer:

  • Yes — Using QuickBooks Online
  • Yes — Using QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise Hosted
  • Yes — Using another SaaS option (Intacct, Xero, etc.)
  • No — I don’t trust my accounting data ‘in the cloud’
  • Maybe  — Now it is too expensive or I don’t know enough about the cloud to decide
  • No — I’m happy with it on my own computer

The results were interesting — about 50% responded with a yes option and about 50% with no or maybe.  See the percentages for each response in this chart:

The poll was not scientific and some people indicated they wanted to select more than one answer depending on different clients or situations.

In my Linkedin Group, Successful QuickBooks Consultants there was a great discussion with over 90 comments.


4 thoughts on “Poll Results on Accounting Data in Cloud

  1. Pam Scott

    Great information, Michelle! I just put my clients, and my own company on hosted. SO glad that I don’t have to worry their files any more! After the many fires recently in Colorado, it made me really nervous about having all their date on my home computer.

    1. Michelle Long Post author

      I think most of the replies were from small businesses — either accounting professionals who own (or work for) a small business or small business owners themselves.

  2. Sherry

    Quickbooks online for me is too slow and does not product the same results as when I am using my Accountant’s version of Quickbooks. I have not used Premier or Accountant’s version online so I really don’t know how it would be to use. I would experiment with the online versions if they mirror the Accountant’s version and run fast.

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