Extend QuickBooks to Streamline eCommerce and Shipping

Extend QuickBooks to Streamline eCommerce and Shipping

Embracing eCommerce and expanding sales channels, is not something a business at any size can afford to ignore. With order volume growing, the next challenge is to ensure smooth operations: getting your customers the items they ordered, as fast as possible, while minimizing errors and warehouse labor costs.

Please, join me for this complementary webinar and you will:

  • Hear how integrating eCommerce applications into QuickBooks can drive efficiency
  • See a demo of OzLINK including eCommerce integration, pack validation, handling EDI/ASNs, and shipping
  • Learn how to automate Shipping to improve customer visibility and control costs
  • Get examples of customers who have created thousands of dollars in savings for their companies
  • Discover details about the Partner Program for accounting professionals

Register now for the FREE webinar.  If you cannot attend during the scheduled time,  register so you get the link for the recording emailed to you.   If you attend the live webinar, you may win free prizes like an autographed copy of my QuickBooks Practice Set!

The webinar is Tuesday, Sept. 9 and starts at 1:00 pm Central Time and lasts one hour.   Register now and please share with others who may benefit from the webinar!


Thanks and see you there!



One thought on “Extend QuickBooks to Streamline eCommerce and Shipping

  1. Tejaswi R

    This is surely a must attend for any #eCommerce store aiming to grow fast and with automation. Can’t wait to get onboard the webinar.