Miracle on my Street — Life is Precious

Miracle on my Street — Life is Precious

This is off-topic but I wanted to share the miracle on my street.  Last Sunday afternoon Robert, a 52 year old active neighbor collapsed in his driveway while shooting baskets.  Luckily, a boy next door saw him fall and told his mom (Kim) there was something wrong.   Kim frantically called 911 on her cell while running down the street yelling for help.  Thankfully, it was a nice weekend and Don (another neighbor) was outside.   Don is a school administrator, recently trained with the latest CPR procedures so he was able to quickly start CPR on Robert (who had no pulse).  

The fire station is relatively close so they arrived quickly but there were still so many agonizing minutes.  The paramedics took over CPR and had to shock Robert’s heart  a couple of times.  The firemen told Sandy (Robert’s wife) to call their kids and family.  Sandy’s sisters live nearby, but she was so distraught she couldn’t make the calls.  Kim dialed the phone for Sandy to ask her sisters to come over quickly.   The kids (in college) had been home for the weekend but had left about 45 minutes earlier to go back to school.  They were called to come back.  Things looked grim from Robert’s sudden heart attack (we saw how purple/black his faced looked from lack of oxygen).

Thankfully, the paramedics were able to get Robert’s heart beating again–after many agonizing minutes.  They started an IV in the driveway and took him to the hospital.   All the while, most of us neighbors stood by watching and praying.

At the hospital they performed Induced Hypothermia — which I had not heard about before.  Robert’s body temperature was lowered to about 90-91 degrees and he was sedated for several days.  Then they increased his body temp and eliminated the sedation drugs.  They removed the breathing tube and soon Robert was breathing on his own.  Then, he was responding to others.  Finally after many days and agonizing hours for the family he was able to talk too.  Tonight I hear he looked and sounded great and ate his first meal.

His kids brought pictures to the hospital of the family and pets.  Plus they have some new rules for Dad playing basketball — they include wearing a bell around his neck, a helmet and more.

It was a miracle on my street.

Life is precious and we shouldn’t take it for granted.

6 thoughts on “Miracle on my Street — Life is Precious

  1. Glenn Perlinger


    Thank you for taking the time to share such an incredible story that could have ended in a tragedy instead of such a blessing! Had the boy next door, his mom, or Don not been there; the paramedics and hospital personnel might not have had the opportunity to provide the rest of the care that enabled Robert to recover as he is. I’m certain the prayers were heard.

    I didn’t know that the breaths are no longer a part of CPR, either.

  2. Lynda Artesani


    What a beautiful story with a happy ending. Thanks for sharing. Our thoughts and prayers are with your neighbor and his family.


  3. Keith Gormezano

    This points out the importance of knowing CPR and/or first aid, supporting our local EMS when they come up for levy renewal or letting our elected officials know why these services need to be supported, and carrying a cell phone or other communication device at all times.

    1. Michelle Lo Post author

      We are very thankful that Don not only knew CPR but the latest recommendations for it too — did you know that you aren’t supposed to do the breaths anymore? Just keep pumping the heart. I didn’t know that but I’m really glad Don knew what he was doing!

      There are so many things to be thankful for:
      –it was a weekend and people weren’t at school or work
      –the weather was nice so people were outside
      –the neighbor boy knew to get help immediately
      –Kim had her cell & was calling while seeking help from others (i.e. screaming loud enough it brought out most of the neighbors who weren’t outside already)
      –Don was already outside and knew CPR well
      –The fire station is within a couple of miles & they had the defibrillator
      –The hospital could do the Induced Hypothermia procedure
      — Lots of concerned and caring people praying for him.

      A real miracle on my street!

  4. Cynthia Huber

    Wonderful – thank you for sharing. I think it does us all good to think of something other than work and put things back into perspective.