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CLEARIFY® Releases QQUBE™ Version 5.5 — GREAT Reporting tool for QuickBooks

QQube™ allows you to create reports and analysis in minutes -- not hours or days from QuickBooks data.  There's no need to understand table schemas, relationships, or mapping documents.  QQube™ now adds the following items:  
  • Multi-Currency
  • Canada QuickBooks support
  • UK QuickBooks support  
  • Trial Balance by Class:  Previous Balance, Current Activity, Current Balance; compare periods … Continue Reading ››

Grow Your Practice by Helping Clients Achieve Better Results

Thanks to John Power, CEO, BizTools for this guest post.  Please join me with John for a free webinar on this topic.  Details and link to register are at the end of this article.   BizTools  

“The Times They Are a-Changin'” – Bob Dylan

Benjamin Franklin once said … Continue Reading ››

Finding Industry Averages for Small Businesses to help with Benchmarking, Ratio Analysis or Planning

You can add value for your clients by providing reports with key financial ratios compared to industry averages.   This benchmarking can help clients see how their business is doing compared to others and identify areas for improvement.  Plus, it is a great way for you to deepen your relationship with the client enhancing your position … Continue Reading ››

QQube Version 5.1 Released

QQube™ 5.1 - the most complete data warehouse for QuickBooks - has been released. According to founder Chuck Vigeant M.Ed., 'this is the most efficient, most powerful release to date.  We made over 60 improvements, additions, and fixes from version 5.0 including refresh algorithms that are up to 90% faster in certain cases.  This was an … Continue Reading ››

QuickBooks Tip: Tie out the Profit & Loss by Job to the Profit & Loss Report

If you use QuickBooks for job costing, then you should assign a customer:job to each transaction (including admin or overhead as a job).  However, sometimes transactions are not assigned a job.  If you compare the standard Profit and Loss to the Profit and Loss by Job you may discover the totals do not agree.  This … Continue Reading ››

The Definitive Guide to Custom Reporting, Business Analysis and Data Extraction for QuickBooks

The man who knows more about QuickBooks reporting and data extraction than anyone on the planet is has agreed to let us inside his brain and gain access to his experience.  Don’t miss this!!! Have you struggled to get that report out of QuickBooks that you can’t believe it doesn’t have?  Do you want to learn … Continue Reading ››

QuickBooks Tip: Classifying Accounts for Statement of Cash Flow

The phase "Cash is King" emphasizes the importance of  cash flow for a business.  Insufficient cash flow can result in the failure of the business so it is important to monitor and manage cash flow.  QuickBooks provides a  Statement of Cash Flow report to help monitor cash flow for your business.  QuickBooks classifies accounts into … Continue Reading ››