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Use Your iPad or Tablet as a Second (or Third) Monitor with Air Display

Multiple monitors are GREAT!  It can really help your productivity or allow you to keep up with social media posts on Twitter or Facebook.    Regardless of how you use multiple monitors, when you travel or are away from the office, you really miss the additional monitor.  I love being able to use my iPad as an … Continue Reading ››

QuickBooks Online for iPad App Now Available

Helps Small Businesses Work More Productively, Wherever They Are With today’s introduction of QuickBooks Online for iPad, small businesses that are mobile by nature will no longer have to save the books for last. Rather, they can get more out of their workdays with an app that helps them work more productively, wherever they … Continue Reading ››

iPad (or Tablet) Basics and Benefits to Improve Productivity and Efficiency for Accounting Professionals, Business Owners and Others

Are you considering an iPad or other tablet for the holidays?  Are you wondering how will you use it?  Are there enough benefits for you to justify the cost?  Do you need 3G or WiFi only?  How much storage space should you get?  Can you use QuickBooks or other programs on an iPad or tablet?  … Continue Reading ››

How to access QuickBooks from an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch

I love my new iPad and one of the first things I wanted to know was 'Is there an app for QuickBooks?'  How can I access or use QuickBooks on my iPad (or iPhone or iPod Touch)?  This post will discuss different options or methods to use or access QuickBooks on an iPad (or iPhone … Continue Reading ››