Lesson Learned: What a Day! I sued a Client in Small Claims Court

This post is the experience and lessons learned from an Enrolled Agent (EA).  As small business owners, we can learn from ‘Tax Blonde’ and her experience (this isn’t my story — I do not provide tax services anymore) in the story below.

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Goodness, what a day.  I had the great displeasure of suing a (former) client of mine in small claims court.  This was not an easy decision for me, I struggled with it for quite a while.  It goes directly against my business philosophy of helping my clients.  I have had clients that haven’t paid me in the past, and I have let it go, but this one was different.  This one I just couldn’t stop thinking about it, it got to me.

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The Definitive Guide to Custom Reporting, Business Analysis and Data Extraction for QuickBooks

The man who knows more about QuickBooks reporting and data extraction than anyone on the planet is has agreed to let us inside his brain and gain access to his experience.  Don’t miss this!!!

Have you struggled to get that report out of QuickBooks that you can’t believe it doesn’t have?  Do you want to learn how to get it done without a rocket science degree and a crew of programmers? Read more

Do you want to Reach QuickBooks ProAdvisors or Accounting Professionals for your Product, Service or App?

Would you like to reach QuickBooks ProAdvisors, bookkeepers, CPAs and accounting professionals?  Do you wish they knew more about your product, service or app?  If so, then I encourage you to consider the sponsorship / advertising opportunities with Michelle L. Long, owner of Long for Success, LLC.  Read more

Social Media Power comes from Relationships not Numbers

When it comes to social media, many people focus on the numbers and how to increase them:  the number of followers, likes, friends, connections and more.  The power of social media is not just about the numbers.  Rather, the power of social media comes from the connections and relationships you build with your followers.  This has really become evident over the past 10 days of voting in the 2012 Small Business Influencer Awards.  I wanted to share my observations that illustrate the power of social media relationships. Read more

Poll Results on Accounting Data in Cloud

Nearly 1,000 people answered the quick poll question:  Do you now (or would you in the future) have your accounting data ‘in the cloud’?  Choose one of the following to answer:

  • Yes — Using QuickBooks Online
  • Yes — Using QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise Hosted
  • Yes — Using another SaaS option (Intacct, Xero, etc.)
  • No — I don’t trust my accounting data ‘in the cloud’
  • Maybe  — Now it is too expensive or I don’t know enough about the cloud to decide
  • No — I’m happy with it on my own computer

The results were interesting — about 50% responded with a yes option and about 50% with no or maybe.  See the percentages for each response in this chart:

The poll was not scientific and some people indicated they wanted to select more than one answer depending on different clients or situations.

In my Linkedin Group, Successful QuickBooks Consultants there was a great discussion with over 90 comments.


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