Infographic: Details of Apple’s New iPad, Statistics on Tablet Sales, Market Share and Data Plans

I started with the original iPad and fell in love with it!  Then, I bought an iPad 2 so I could share my screen when presenting seminars.   For my use, I don’t see a need to get the New iPad — what about you?  Check out the infographic below on what’s new in the latest iPad, statistics on tablet sales, market share of tablets and info on which data plan would meet your needs.

Data Plans?  How many GB will I need or should I get?

You don’t have to sign a 2 year contract for a data plan — they are month to month so you can use it as needed.  Watching movies requires the most data so this chart helps estimate your data needs based on the number of movies per month:






Check out the other blog posts (see list below) for more info about iPads, apps, etc.

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6 thoughts on “Infographic: Details of Apple’s New iPad, Statistics on Tablet Sales, Market Share and Data Plans”

  1. Michelle,
    I finally took the plunge and got the new iPad, don’t have anything to compare it too, but I love it. There will be some cool apps down the road I am sure that are QB related. I am playing with one now called InvoiceASAP, it’s not quite ready for prime time, but the possibilities are very cool.

    Plus, the graphics when I play Angry Birds is awesome!

    1. Jim — that’s cool. I try to avoid Angry Birds since it’s so addicting!

      Check out the new app qBooks – the .99 version will allow you to work with a few names, etc. to check it out. It seems very promising too!

  2. I had the most basic iPad 2 — it was probably a movie and music. And pictures. Though when I deleted the movie it seemed to be fine. I think I just wanted the newest one because my husband kept telling me I needed it. But I really like it anyway, and the friend who bought my old one really likes it, so I count it as a win-win!

  3. I’m not sure I saw a need for the New iPad, but I got one anyway, and sold the iPad 2 to cover part of the cost. And each time I turn it on, I think, “wow, this is really cool.” I didn’t really expect that much of a visible improvement, but it really is, at least to me. Besides, I found I needed more storage space . . .

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