QuickBooks Tip – Quick Report on Transactions

Using QuickBooks, how do I get a report of all invoices?  How can I see the Sales Receipts (checks, bills, estimates, etc.) that I have entered into QuickBooks?  You can get a report on transactions several ways, but I’ll share a quick and easy way to do it in QuickBooks.  It is surprising how many people overlook the Transactions tab in the centers.

In the customer (or vendor or employee) center in QuickBooks, click on the Transactions tab as shown.  Then, you can select which type of transaction (Invoices in this example), filter and select the date desired.  You can sort by clicking on the column heading (by Num in this example) and  you will see a total too.  Then, you can print or export the report if needed.

In the quick report, you can right click and select Customize Columns to add/remove columns or change the order of the columns too.

Now, be honest how many of you overlooked or forgot about the Transactions tab?  Make sure to share it with your clients or others — they will appreciate it!

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Michelle L. Long, CPA is the owner of Long for Success, LLC specializing in QuickBooks consulting & training, coaching small business owners, speaking and writing. She was named one of '10 Women who Inspire a Profession' by Accounting Today and a Financial Services Champion of the Year by the SBA. She has been mentioned in the New York Times, Inc.com, Business Week, Investor's Business Daily, WebCPA and more. Michelle is the author of Successful QuickBooks Consulting and How to Start a Home Based Bookkeeping Business.

14 thoughts on “QuickBooks Tip – Quick Report on Transactions”

  1. Hi, how do you get hours from an invoice onto a report so you can see how many hours were billed to a customer in a time frame?

  2. DUH, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to get this report. Thank you very much.

    Jim O

  3. Perfect timing Michelle! New client with invoice transactions being imported from a third party company into QB. Things are a mess! Showing client another way for her to find and match invoices verses the online company will be very helpful.

    Thank you as always!

  4. I found your tip to be quite useful, and yes, I’d overlooked the obvious in the past!

    Thank you for pointing it out to us!

  5. Good tip. I use the transactions tab all of the time. I create these reports constantly. I usually create the report by other methods though. I sometimes forget to do that from the transactions tab area. This is a good reminder for me.

  6. How can I pull or export a list of ‘sold to’ from the sales receipts?
    I need to email or send them letters but can find no way to export or even list them.

    1. You can export customer details (i.e. address, etc.) by going to File > Utilities > Export or you can print mailing labels via File > Print Forms > Labels

      You can also create letters within QuickBooks — check under the Customer Center and click on Word or the Customer menu for Prepare Letters

  7. Great tip! I have not found a way to create a report that will show all bank deposits with a total for a specific month?

    1. Yes there is — In the Vendors Center, click on the Transactions tab & Checks.

      You’re not blind — lots of people don’t notice (or don’t click) on the tab. Hmmmm….I just thought of something similar that is frequently overlooked. Watch for another ‘Quick Tip’ post about it later today. :)

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